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National Parks

Park Name Park Location Park Description

Gros Morne

National Park

West Coast of Newfoundland

Turn off TCH at Deer Lake to get on Route 430 (The Viking Trail). The park entrance is at Wiltondale, 32 km north of Deer Lake. From here you can take Route 431 to visit the south end of the park, or you can keep on Route 430 and drive through the main area of the park, and through the Northern Peninsula.

Gros Morne National Park of Canada was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, is an area of great natural beauty with a rich variety of scenery, wildlife, and recreational activities. Visitors can hike through wild, uninhabited mountains and camp by the sea. Boat tours bring visitors under the towering cliffs of a freshwater fjord carved out by glaciers. Waterfalls, marine inlets, sea stacks, sandy beaches, and colorful nearby fishing villages complete the phenomenal natural and cultural surroundings of Gros Morne National Park of Canada.

Terra Nova

National Park

Central or East Coast of Newfoundland

The Trans Canada Highway drives through the park. East entrance is Port Blandford (25km west of Clarenville), the west entrance is Eastport Junction (55km east of Gander). Charlottetown located just outside the park boundary just off the Trans Canada Highway.

Terra Nova National Park of Canada - Fingers of the Sea - protects remnants of the ancient Appalachian Mountains. Rocky headlands provide shelter from the awesome power of the open ocean. The landscape of the park varies from the rugged cliffs and sheltered inlets of the coastal region to the rolling forested hills, bogs and ponds of the inland. Cultural history abounds in the remnants of sawmills and past human cultures.

National Historic Sites

Site Name Site Location Site Description

Atlantic Charter Monument

National Historic Site

Ship Harbour, Route 102

(24 km off Route 100)

The monument symbolizes the drafting of the Atlantic Charter by British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, and United States President, Franklin Roosevelt, on a battleship off Ship Harbour Point in 1941.

Basilica Cathedral / Museum / Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese

National Historic Site

St. John's, Military Road Museum: One of the largest collections of church art and artifacts of historic and artistic significance in Canada. Archives: Main repository for historical and contemporary documents of the RC Church in province, including Bishop's Papers (1755-1784-1979); Baptism, Marriage, Mortuary Records (1784-1905) and much more.

Battle Harbour

National Historic District

Battle Harbour A restored, traditional saltfish premises and community, Battle Harbour is now designated a National Historic District. Interpretation Centre, guided tours, boat charters, walking trails and an abundance of natural beauty await!

Cape Spear

National Historic Site

Cape Spear, Route 11 The oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland is located at the most easterly point of land in North America. It has been restored to its 1839 appearance and shows how a lightkeeper and his family might have lived in the mid-19th century. The Visitor Centre contains exhibits on the history of lighthouses and the tradition of lightkeeping. The site is surrounded by spectacular scenery and wildlife such as whales, seabirds and icebergs in season.

Carbonear Island

National Historic Site

Carbonear, Route 70 Carbonear was captured by the French in 1696 and 1697 and again in 1705. This island was one of few places the French could not capture. A safe haven for Carbonear residents. History board.

Carbonear Railway Station

National Historic Site

Carbonear, Route 70

(Water Street)

Built in the common architectural style of railway stations in Newfoundland. Constructed circa 1917, Carbonear's newest National Historic Site. New exhibit "Going Foreign" Tourist Information. Extensive genealogical records.

Castle Hill

National Historic Site

Placentia, Route 100 Castle Hill features the remains of French and English fortifications from the 17th and 18th centuries. Visitors can learn about the everyday life of the French fishermen and soldiers at Placentia, Newfoundland. The site also features a magnificent view of the town of Placentia and the surrounding harbour.

Deep Cove Winter Housing

National Historic Site

Anchor Point, Route 430 This area was used by the people of Anchor Point during the winter months. They live here to be closer to fire wood, and have shelter from the wind. They would move back to Anchor Point again in spring

Dorset Soapstone Quarry

National Historic Site

Fleur de Lys, Route 410 Over 1,000 years ago the Dorset people carved out and utilized the soft soapstone here for pots for their own use and for trade. Visit the quarry and the new museum.

Grates Cove Rock Walls

National Historic Site

Grates Cove, Route 70 Hundreds of rock walls, used formerly to wall vegetable gardens and keep sheep out. Scattered picturesquely about the landscape. Pleasant walks over the barrens and among the rock walls.

Hawthorne Cottage

National Historic Site

Brigus, Route 60 Hawthorne Cottage was the Brigus, Newfoundland, home of famous Arctic explorer Captain Bob Bartlett. The cottage is a fine example of the Picturesque style of architecture in Newfoundland and is furnished with artifacts and memorabilia from Captain Bob's voyages.

Hopedale Mission

National Historic Site

Hopedale Inuit and European culture. The main attractions are the 200 year old plus buildings that are not only standing, but still in use. The church is in use, plus a society has in store for the future.

John Guy

National Historic Site

Cupids, Route 60 Erected in 1910 to celebrate the founding of Canada's first official English settlement in 1610. Commemorates Governor John Guy and the 39 colonists of the London and Bristol Company of Merchant Venturers.

L'Anse aux Meadows

National Historic Site

L'Anse aux Meadows, Route 436 The reconstructions of three Norse buildings are the focal point of this archaeological site, the earliest known European settlement in the New World. The archaeological remains at the site were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. Exhibits highlight the Viking lifestyle, artifacts, and the archaeological discovery of the site. Visitors can also explore the hiking trails to nearby bays and lakes.

Port aux Choix

National Historic Site

Port aux Choix, Route 428 Port au Choix, on the west side of Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula, has been populated for thousands of years. The rich waters off this coast have supported many different groups of people, including those who live here today. The remains of four ancient cultures have been found at Port au Choix to date: Maritime Archaic Indian, Dorset and Groswater Paleoeskimo, and Recent Indians. Archaeologists searched many years for a site such as this one, which sheds new light on our understanding of native peoples in this part of the world.

Red Bay

National Historic Site

Red Bay, Route 510 Right and bowhead whales, once plentiful in the waters of coastal Labrador, attracted whalers from the Basque country (northern Spain and southern France) during the 16th century. A thriving industry based on the production of whale oil for export to Europe developed along the Labrador coast during the mid to late 1500s. The busiest port for this historic enterprise was the sheltered harbour of Red Bay.

Rev. Dr. John Clinch

National Historic Site

Trinity, Route 239 John Clinch 1749 - 1819. Born in England, this medical and missionary pioneer came to Newfoundland in 1775 and later settled in Trinity (1783) where he died. Noted for introducing the Jenner smallpox vaccine to British North America (1800)

Rev. Lawrence Coughlan

National Historic Site

Harbour Grace, Route 70 Monument to the memory of Rev. Lawrence Coughlan who lived in Harbour Grace from 1765 - 1773. He introduced Methodism to Newfoundland and British North America.

Ryan Premises

National Historic Site

Bonavista, Route 235 The Ryan Premises, a restored merchant's premises, commemorates the role of the East Coast fishery in Canadian history from the early 1500s to the present day.

Signal Hill

National Historic Site

St. John's, Signal Hill Road This historic site celebrates the rich communications and military history of Signal Hill and sits amidst a spectacular view of St. John's and the sea. Signal Hill was the reception point of the first transatlantic wireless signal by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901, as well as the site of harbour defences for St. John's from the 18th century to the Second World War. Enjoy a performance of the 19th-century military drills by the Signal Hill Tattoo (in season), or take a hike from the summit along the coast and harbour entrance.

Sir Richard Whitbourne

National Historic Site

Trinity, Route 239 Sir Richard Whitbourne held the first Court of Admiralty in the New World at Trinity in 1615 and wrote, in 1622 what is believed to be the first book on Newfoundland

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Provincial Parks

Provincial Parks

The Arches Provincial Park

This site features a natural rock archway created by tidal action. The massive formation is within view of picnic sites. Day users also have access to pit toilets. This park is located just north of Gros Morne National Park on the Northern Peninsula Highway.

Park Amenities: Picnic Sites, Viewing Points

Barachois Pond Provincial Park

Barachois Pond is the largest Provincial Park in Western Newfoundland. Located off the Trans Canada Highway the park is 20 kilometers from Stephenville. All 3500 hectares of the park are in the Western Newfoundland Forest ecoregion which is characterized by a balsam fir forest with an understory of ferns and moss. The Park has a variety of activities which make it one of the most popular parks in the province to visit. There are freshwater swimming beaches, bird watching, mountain streams, and invigorating hikes with panoramic views. A park interpreter provides a varied interpretive program including guided walks, environmental games and campfire sing alongs.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Swimming, Hiking, Viewing Points, Playground, Sewage Disposal Station, Boat Launch, Interpretation Program, Comfort Stations

Blow Me Down Provincial Park

Blow Me Down Provincial Park is situated on a peninsula between Lark and York Harbours. Magnificent views of the Blow Me Down mountains and the Bay of Islands make this park one of the most scenic locations in the area to visit. Located off Highway 450, the park is 60 km west from Corner Brook and the Trans Canada Highway.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Hiking, Viewing Points, Playground, Sewage Disposal Station, Comfort Stations

Butter Pot Provincial Park

The Park is located on the Avalon Peninsula approximately 36 km southwest of St. John's along the Trans Canada Highway. The park covers an area of 2833 hectares of varied terrain and vegetation - forests, bogs, heaths and ponds. Hiking trails take you through forests and over barrens to a remarkable scenic view-point.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Swimming, Hiking, Viewing Points, Playground, Sewage Disposal Station, Interpretation Program, Comfort Stations, Cross Country Skiing

Cataracts Provincial Park

A deep river gorge with two cascading waterfalls provide a scenic setting for photographs. Stairs and walkways enable the visitor to descend the gorge and cross the river. Thirty five of the known mosses and liverworts in Newfoundland have been identified in this park. Picnic sites and pit toilets are available for day users. The park is located on the Avalon Peninsula south east of Placentia.

Park Amenities: Picnic Sites, Hiking, Viewing Points

Chance Cove Provincial Park

This park is located on the south east corner of the Avalon peninsula along route 10, or the Irish Loop. Just a few minutes east of Trepassey, this parks 2068 hectares stretch from the highways edge to the coast. There are no designated campsites in here, however you are permitted to camp on the parking lot in the picnic area. There is access to pit toilets and drinking water. A trail leads down to the coast where one can see whales, seabirds, and seals along this spectacular coast. Those interested in visiting this site are asked to contact Parks and Natural Areas Division, headquarters at (709)635-4520.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Viewing Points

Codroy Valley Provincial Park

The beautiful view of the Long Range Mountains from this valley location and the large beach area with an abundance of shore birds are important natural features of this park. Located north west of Port aux Basques it contains picnic sites and pit toilets for day users.

Park Amenities: Picnic Sites, Viewing Points

Deadman's Bay Provincial Park

This beach of fine white sand provides a fantastic view of icebergs in early summer. Picnic sites and pit toilets are available for day users. The park is located on the northeast coast or 'straight' shore near Lumsden.

Park Amenities: Picnic Sites, Viewing Points

Dildo Run Provincial Park

Dildo Run Provincial Park was opened to the public in 1967. The parks 327 hectares provide visitors with an ideal central and convenient location for viewing all of New World Island. It is within a very short driving distance of Twillingate, Moretons Harbour and all other small communities located in this beautiful and historic area. The park is also within a short driving distance of the ferry to Fogo Island and Change Islands.

A new comfort station provides shower, laundry facilities and flush toilets. For recreational vehicle users there are larger campsites and a trailer dumping station.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Hiking, Viewing Points, Sewage Disposal Station, Comfort Stations, Cross Country Skiing

Dungeon Provincial Park

A collapsed sea cave with a natural archway carved out by sea action is the focus of this site. Picnic sites and pit toilets are available for day users. The park is located on the tip of the Bonavista Peninsula near Bonavista.

Park Amenities: Viewing Points

Frenchman's Cove Provincial Park

Frenchmanís Cove Provincial Park is located on the west side of the Burin Peninsula on route 213. The park is comprised of 51 hectares of varied habitat that will fascinate the visitor. Frenchmanís Cove park opened to the public for the first time in June 1967.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Swimming, Hiking, Viewing Points, Playground, Comfort Stations

Gooseberry Cove Provincial Park

This attractive sandy beach with a grassy back shore is ideal for picnicking. High wave action restricts swimming. Picnic sites and pit toilets are available for day users. The park is located south of Placentia on the Avalon Peninsula.

Park Amenities: Picnic Sites, Viewing Points

J. T. Cheeseman Provincial Park

J.T. Cheeseman is a Natural Environment Park located approximately 15km east of Channel-Port aux Basques and 200km west of Corner Brook on the Trans Canada Highway. This is a popular park with visitors from all over Canada and the United States.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Hiking, Viewing Points, Playground, Interpretation Program, Comfort Stations

La Manche Provincial Park

La Manche Natural Environment Park is located approximately 53 kilometers south of St. John's, along Highway 10. The park was first opened to the public in August 1966. This park was established because of the scenic la Manche Valley, interesting and varied habitat and vegetation, as well as the diverse bird life. The park area includes Rowsells Hill Pond, La Manche Ponds, a section of the La. Manche River, as well as the abandoned fishing village of La Manche.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Swimming, Hiking, Viewing Points, Playground, Interpretation Program

Lockston Path Provincial Park

Lockston Path Provincial Park is located approximately 6 kilometers from Port Rexton on highway route 236. Comprising 733 hectares, this park was first opened to the public in 1966. Since then, the park has been upgraded to include a comfort station with modern washrooms, hot showers and laundry facilities. The park also has a sewage disposal station. This park with its sheltered campsites and freshwater beach provides a good base camp for visits to the nearby historic communities.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Swimming, Hiking, Viewing Points, Playground, Sewage Disposal Station, Boat Launch, Interpretation Program, Comfort Stations

Notre Dame Provincial Park

Notre Dame Provincial Park is located approximately 1 kilometer east of the Notre Dame Junction and approximately 41 kilometers west of Gander on the Trans Canada Highway. Nestled in the lush forests of central Newfoundland, the park borders on the serene waters of Junction Pond. An ideal choice for the family, Notre Dame Provincial Park has something to offer visitors of all ages. Notre Dame encompasses 113 hectares of land.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Swimming, Playground, Sewage Disposal Station, Interpretation Program, Comfort Stations, Cross Country Skiing

Pinware River Provincial Park

Pinware River Provincial Park is a 68 hectare park located on route 510, approximately 20 km southwest from Red Bay. A ferry crosses from St. Barbe on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland to southern Labrador approximately 40 km south of the park. Opened in 1974, the park covers diverse terrain and vegetation.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Hiking, Viewing Points

Pistolet Bay Provincial Park

Pistolet Bay Provincial Park is located on route 437, 12 kilometers off route 430 on the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula. The park encompasses 897 hectares of delightfully varied vegetation.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Swimming, Sewage Disposal Station, Comfort Stations

Salmonier Nature Park

Salmonier Nature Park was first established for education, not as a tourist
destination, and environmental education continues to be its primary goal. However, over time the Park's role as a major tourist destination has increased. In recent years, the Park has expanded its role in wildlife rehabilitation and research and in environmental monitoring. Located 11km off the Trans Canada Highway on Route 90. Open from June - September.

Park Amenities: 3km Boardwalk Trail, Visitor Center, Picnic Area, On Trail Washrooms, Gift Store

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Is located near the town of Burgeo, which is approximately 150 km from the Trans Canada Highway on Route 480. The park is named for its undulating sand dunes and long expanses of flat, sandy beaches which are some of the most magnificent on the island portion of this province. Inland, the park is characterized by spruce-fir forest and barrens typical of the South Coast of Newfoundland.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Swimming, Hiking, Viewing Points, Playground, Sewage Disposal Station, Comfort Stations

Squires Memorial Provincial Park

Sir Richard Squires Memorial Park is located approximately 36 kilometers northeast of Deer Lake along Highway No. 422. The park is situated on the scenic Humber River and is a popular place for salmon angling. Sir Richard Squires Memorial Park was established in 1954 as the first Provincial Park in Newfoundland. It was opened to the public in July 1959. The park is named in honor of Sir Richard Squires the Prime Minister of Newfoundland from 1919 to 1923 and 1928 to 1932. During his first term in office, Squires successfully arranged the construction of a paper mill in Corner Brook. A tiny settlement at that time, Corner Brook has grown to be the second largest city in Newfoundland. Knighthood was bestowed upon Squires in 1921 for his achievements.

Park Amenities: Camping, Picnic Sites, Viewing Points, Playground

Newfoundland T'Railway Provincial Park

The T'Railway Provincial Park stretches almost 900 kilometers from St. John's to Port aux Basques along the main line of the old abandoned Canadian National railbed. This island-long Park corridor provides access to many of the Island's representative natural and scenic landscapes. The Park also serves as an historical link to our past railway heritage because most of the original railbed, trestles and bridges remain intact. All are reminiscent of the architectural and engineering technology of the day.

Provincial Historic Sites

Provincial Historic Sites

Boyd's Cove Beothuk Interpretation Centre, Boyd's Cove Route 340

Interpretative display based on recent archaeological research at a large Beothuk village circa 1650 - 1720. Interpretation Centre, trail and archaeological site provide a picture of native life. Displays focus on Beothuk cultural history.

Commissariat House Provincial Historic Site, St. John's Kings Bridge Road

Experience the simple elegance of the home and offices of the Assistant Commissary General. Constructed in 1818-20, this gracious Georgian structure is restored, furnished and decorated to the 1830 period.

Cape Bonavista Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site, Bonavista Route 235

Learn about the hard life of the lightkeepers who faithfully tended the light at Cape Bonavista from interpreters dressed in the styles of 1870. And in season, watch whales, icebergs and puffins just off the cape.

Heart's Content Cable Station Provincial Historic Site, Heart's Content Route 80

After the failure of two earlier attempts, a permanent transatlantic telegraph cable was landed here in 1866. See the equipment and displays explaining the role Heart's Content played in communications for almost 100 years.

Hiscock House Provincial Historic Site, Trinity Route 239

Hiscock House is restored to the 1910 period. It represents a typical local merchant's household in rural Newfoundland in the early 20th century. Guides in period costume are on hand to show visitor's through the site.

Labrador Interpretation Centre, North West Rive Route 520

Designed to interpret the history of Labrador and its people from prehistoric times to today. The facility has an exhibit gallery, temporary exhibit space and 68 seat theatre/programming area.

Lester-Garland Premises Provincial Historic Site, Trinity Route 239

Early 19th-century building was used for a century and a half by 3 merchant families. The counting house has been restored to the 1820's period, the retail store to the early 1900's.

Loggers' Life Provincial Museum, west of Grand Falls-Windsor Exit 17 off TCH

Smell the fir boughs, see the stick bunks as you experience the life of a logger in a 1920's replica logging camp. Stroll a walking trail while listening to the loons in Rush Pond.

Mary March Provincial Museum, Grand Falls-Windsor St. Catherine Street

Mary March was the European name of Demasduit, one of the last Beothuks. Displays focus on historic and prehistoric aboriginal cultures and creation of modern paper industry.

Newman Wine Vaults Provincial Historic Site/Vault into History Walking Tour, St. John's Water Street

Explore the history of the world famous Newman's port wine inside one of St. John's oldest buildings, the only existing historic wine vault in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Point Amour Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site, L'Anse-Amour Route 510

This second tallest lighthouse in Canada was first illuminated in 1858. The attached dwelling is now an interpretation centre dealing with the history of the Straits area as well as the lighthouse itself.

Provincial Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's Bonaventure Avenue

The Rooms - Opening June 2004, the new home of the Provincial Museum, Art Gallery and Archives. Showcasing the art, artifacts and archival record, natural history, archaeology and culture treasures of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Provincial Seamen's Museum, Grand Bank Route 220

A memorial to the many Newfoundlanders who lost their lives at sea. Explore the era of the banking schooner through photographs, documents and an extensive collection of artifacts. See the largest mural in Atlantic Canada.

Quidi Vidi Battery Provincial Historic Site, St. John's Cuckhold's Cove Road

Constructed by the British during the American Revolutionary War 1779-80, the battery was manned well into the 19th century. Reconstructed to 1812 period. Interpretation and demonstrations by staff in period uniforms.

The Mockbeggar Plantation Provincial Historic Site, Bonavista Roper Street

Home of F. Gordon Bradley, Newfoundland's first federal cabinet minister after Confederation. House built in the 1870's and restored to the 1939 period. Other buildings date from the 18th - 20th centuries.

Trinity Interpretation Centre, Trinity Route 239

Illustrations, maps, and photographs explore the history and development of Trinity.

Conservation and Natural Area's

Conservation and Natural Area's
Ecological Reserves

Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve

11 seabird species breath here, including 3,000,000 pairs of Leach's Storm Petrel, the largest colony in the world. Visit the Baccalieu Island exhibit in the Heritage House in Bay de Verde. Access to view the seabirds can be done only by boat.

Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve

Unique and rare flora along a coastline with fantastic limestone karst topography. The only known location in the world for the Burnt Cape Cinquefoil.

Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve

The most accessible seabird colony in North America. The vantage point overlooks a magnificent sea stack and offers an opportunity to photograph the seabirds, including the second largest nesting colony of gannets in Newfoundland, and the third largest in North America. Interpretation Center, guided & interpretive hikes.

Fortune Head Ecological Reserve

One of the most important geological sites in the world, this was selected as the "global stratotype" for the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary, 540 million years ago and provides a basis for dating evolution.

Funk Islands Ecological Reserve

This was the last North American breeding site of the Great Auk, which was driven to extinction by human exploitation. In recent times, Northern Gannets have begun to nest on Funk Island. Other nesting seabirds include Common and Thick-billed Murres, Razorbills, Atlantic Puffins, and Black-legged Kittiwakes. The site comprises about 80% of the entire western north Atlantic population of Common Murres. Visitation to this site is restricted to scientists performing research approved by the Parks Division. A permit is required.

Gannet Islands Ecological Reserve

This reserve is located off Cartwright in Labrador. During the breeding season, this reserve is home to over 200,000 seabirds. This sanctuary has the largest Razorbill colony in North America. The island is named for a boat which sank in the area. There are no gannets found on the island. Visitation to the site is restricted to scientists performing research approved by the Parks Division. A permit is required.

Hare Bay Islands Ecological Reserve

Located off the Great Northern Peninsula, this Ecological Reserve is comprised of Gilliat, Spring, and Brent Islands and protects the breeding habitat of Eider ducks. This site cannot tolerate any visitation by the general public. Landing is therefore restricted to scientist approved by the Parks Division. A permit is required.

Hawke Hills Ecological Reserve

This 2.1 sq km site is located approximately 3 km east of the Route 90/Route 1 junction. It contains the best representative area of Alpine Barrens east of the Long Range Mountains.

Red Fir Lake Ecological Reserve

Coming Soon!

King George IV Ecological Reserve

A rich delta, part of the Llyod's River System. One of the largest undisturbed delta sites on the island. An important migratory stop for birds.

Little Grand Lake Ecological Reserve

Coming Soon!

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve

Home to the oldest multi-celled fossils in North America and the only deep water marine fossils found in the world from 620 million years ago.

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve Extension

Coming Soon!

Table Point Ecological Reserve

This unique rock locality of international importance contains excellent examples of limestone approximately 470 million years old. Studying of fossils requires a permit.

Watts Point Ecological Reserve

These calcareous barrens are unique, supporting many species of plants not found elsewhere in Newfoundland. Many of the plant species are rare and endangered. Requires a hike from the access road.

West Brook Ecological Reserve

This 10.74 sq km Red Pine site is situated at the headwaters of West Brook. Red Pine is presently the rarest indigenous coniferous tree species in Newfoundland.

Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Comprising 4 small islands & the water around them, the reserve is one of the greatest natural wonders in the world. In summer it is home to millions of seabirds that come to shore to nest & raise their young. Hundreds of humpback whales feed here in summer, making it one of the best whale-watching areas anywhere. To view the seabirds, visitors can take one of many locally operated tour boats.

Wilderness Reserves

Avalon Wilderness Reserve

This 1,070 sq km reserve comprises one of North America's most southerly, unspoiled barrens. It is a sanctuary for a medley of wildlife and plant species. The caribou herd is Canada's most southerly, containing some of the world's largest caribou.

Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve

Roadless 2,895 sq km wilderness is southeastern Newfoundland. Wildlife populations and plant communities thrive with little or no disturbances from humans. Access via hiking trails and canoe route.

Middle Ridge Wildlife Reserve

618 sq km. Located next to Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve, the home to one the provinces largest caribou herds, Middle Ridge Caribou

Camping and Recreational Fun-Parks

Privately Owned and Operated Parks, (formally Provincially Own)

Park Index (29)

1.Fitzgerald's Pond

2.Gushues Pond

3.Northern Bay Sands

4.Outside Pond Park

5.Putt-N-Paddle (Jack's Pond)

6.Beothuk Park

7.Flatwater Pond Park

8.Fort Birchy Park & Campground

9.Indian Bay Fishout Pond

10.Jipujijkuei Kuespem Park

11.Jonathan's Pond Campground

12.Kona Beach

13.Mary March Wilderness Park

14.Ocean View Park

15.Sandy Pond Rentals

16.Windmill Bight Park

17.Woolfrey's Pond Trail & Campground

18.Duley Lake Family Park

19.Grand Lake Tourist Park

20.Grande Hermine Adventures

21.Kinsmen Prince Edward Campground & RV Park

22.Little Paradise RV Park

23.River of Ponds Park

24.South Brook Campground

25.Spirity Pond Campground & RV Park

26.The Waters Edge RV Park

27.Three Mile Lake Park

28.Wishingwell Campgrounds

29.Zenzville Campground & Recreation Park


Parks and Info

Park Name

Park Location

Park Amenities


Avalon Region (5)

Fitzgerald's Pond Park

June - Sept.


Route 100 - Argentia Rd.

20KM from T.C.H.

Dump Stations, Showers, Paddle Boats/Canoe Rentals, Swimming Area, Salmon River, Boat Dock. Sites:

24 Unserviced


Gushue's Pond Park

May - Sept.


Brigus Jct. Interchange

T.C.H. Exit #33

Campfire Programs, Playground, Convenience Store, Day Use Beach Facilities, Dumping Station, Shower/Laundry Facilities. Sites:

112 Unserviced, 10 Serviced


Northern Bay Sands Park

May - Sept.


Route 70 - Northern Bay

86KM from T.C.H

Swimming, Picnic Tables, Store. Sites: 50

Camping: $12.00

Day Use: $4.00

Outside Pond Park

May - Sept.


Route 80 - Winterton

69KM from T.C.H.

Serviced and Non-Serviced Sites, Kitchen (Outdoor), Bandstand, Laundry & Shower Facility, Boardwalk & Gazebos, Boating, Canteen Services. Sites: 31

Serviced: $17.00

Unserviced: $15.00

Overflow: $12.00

Tenting: $10.00

Weekly: $85.00

Season Pass: $900.00

Putt-N-Paddle Campgrounds

May - Sept.


Route 1 T.C.H.

1.25KM West of Southern Harbour Jct.

Boat Launching, Campfire, Canteen, Fishing, Jet Ski, Mini-Golf, Paddle Boats, Swimming, Dumping Station, Septic Pump Out at Site. Sites:

75 Unserviced, 15 Serviced

Serviced: $18.50

Unserviced: $13.50

Picnic Sites: Free

Trailer Dumping: for Customers

Special, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal Rates Available.

East and Central Region (12)

Beothuk Park

May - Oct.


Route 1 T.C.H.

Grand Falls/Windsor

Day Use/Picnic Area, Trailer Storage, Showers, Canteen, Swimming, Boating, Walking Trails, Loggers Museum, Campers, 20-30 Amp Hookups. Sites:

21 Serviced, 49 Unserviced

Serviced: $16.50

Unserviced: $11.50

Vehicle Day Use: $2.50

Flatwater Pond Park

June - Sept.


Route 410 - Baie Verte

62KM from T.C.H.

10  Drive Through Sites, 10 Tent Sites, Convenience Store, Paintball Field & Rentals, Kids Playground, Showers, 18-Hole Mini Golf, Bandstand/Dance Floor, Watercraft Rentals, Sand Beach. Sites:

6 Serviced, 20 Unserviced

Serviced: $13.00

Unserviced: $10.00

Fort Birchy Park & Campground

June - Sept.


Route 1 T.C.H.

Birchy Lake

Boat Rentals, Convenience Store, Restaurant, Electric Hookups 15 Amps, Laundry, Outdoor Swimming, Playground, Showers, Dumping Station, Fishing. Sites:

35 Semi-Serviced, 35 Full-Serviced, 30 Unserviced

Fully-Serviced: $17.00

Semi-Serviced: $16.00

Unserviced: $15.00

Indian Bay Fishout Pond

Jan. - Dec.

Weekdays: 2pm-7pm

Weekends: 8am-6pm

709-678-6225 / 678-7070

Route 320 - Indian Bay

48KM from T.C.H.

Natural Fishout Pond, Rainbow & Brook Trout, Row Boats & Paddle Boats, Canteen Service, Hooks, Live Bait, ect., Parking, Catering to Kids Birthday Parties, with Picnic & Playground area, Summer Craft Sale.


Jipujijkuei Kuespem Park

May - Sept.


Route 365 - Conne River

147KM from T.C.H.

Camping, Walking Trails, RV Sites, Old Growth Forest, Canoeing, Paddle Boats, Kayak Rentals, Mikmaq Village (Under Construction), Swimming, Fishing. 

Sites: 32


Jonathan's Pond Campround

June - Sept.

709-424-3007 / 651-2492

Route 330 - Gander

15KM from T.C.H.

Beach, Boat Rentals, Dumping Station, Salmon Fishing, Showers, Laundromat, Swimming, Walk Trail (4KM), Picnic Area/Campfires & Playground.

Sites: 96

Serviced: $15.00

Unserviced: $12.00

Kona Beach

May - Sept.


Route 1 - T.C.H.

South Brook

Water/Electrical Hookups, Shower/Washroom Facilities, Dumping Station, Playground, Picnic Area, Laundry Facilities, Beach, Boat, Canteen/Take-Out, Fire Pits.

Sites: 79

$11.00 - $16.25

Vehicle Day Use: $3.00

Weekly & Seasonal Rates Avaliable.

Mary March Wilderness Park

May - Sept.

709-672-3348 / 672-7074

Route 370 - Buchans Jct.

42KM from T.C.H.

Fishing, Boat Launch & Rentals, Showers, Swimming, Hiking Trails, Guided Tours for Wildlife Viewing and Photos, Petting Zoo, Convenience Store, Cookhouse, Playground, Serviced Sites; Dumping Station, 15 & 30 Amp Electrical & Water Hookups.

Sites: 35

Serviced: $14.00-$16.00

Water Only: $12.00

Unserviced: $11.00

Ocean View Park

May - Sept.

709-486-7782 / 483-2180

Route 350 - Leading Tickles

70KM from T.C.H.

Shower/Washroom Facilities, Playground, Beach, Picnic Area, Kitchen Shelter, Canteen, Scenery, Hiking Trails, Stores, & Restaurants Within Walking Distance.

Sites: 16

Fully-Serviced: $18.00

After 4 Nights: $15.00

Semi-Serviced: $15.00

After 4 Nights: $12.00

Sandy Pond Rentals

June - Sept.

709-677-2221 / 677-2223

Route 1 - T.C.H.

Terra Nova National Park

Swimming, Canoe Rentals, Kayaks, Paddle Boats, Surf Bikes, Confectionery and Ice Cream.


Windmill Bight Park

June - Sept.


Route 330 - Lumsden

87KM from T.C.H.

Private Campsites, Swimming, Fresh & Salt Water Beaches, Picnic Areas, Scheduled Salmon River, Berry Picking, Walking Trails, Canteen, Dumping Station/Laundry/Shower Facilities. Two Beach Volleyball Courts. Sites: 29

Per Night: $10.00

Vehicle Day Use: $4.00

Woolfrey's Pond Trail & Campground

June - Aug.

709-541-2267 / 535-2549

Route 340 - Lewisporte

11KM from T.C.H.

Shower, Laundry Facilities, 2.9KM Boardwalk Around Scenic Pond, Canteen Facilities, Multi-Purpose Building, Sandy Beach, Swimming Area, Recreation Activities, Spacious Campsite and Cook House. Sites:

24 Unserviced

Unserviced: $10.00

West and Labrador Region (12)

Duley Lake Family Park

May - Sept.

709-282-3660 / 944-1391

Route 500 - T.L.H.

Labrador City

Convenience Store, Beer Licence, Peddle Boat Rentals, Playground, Camper Trailers for Rent, Beautiful Sandy Beach, Showers & Flush Toilets.

Sites: 77

10 Pull Through


Weekly: $40.00

Seasonal: $250.00

Grand Lake Tourist Park

May - Oct.


Route 401 - Howley

15KM from T.C.H.

Fresh Water Fishing, Unsupervised Swimming, Close to Trails (Walking/ATV), Picnic Tables, Town Water, Pit Privies, Canoe/Paddle Boat Rentals, Natural Boat Launch, Docks, General Store/Gas Station Nearby.


28 Unserviced


Grande Hermine Adventures

June - Sept.


Route 500 - T.L.H.

45KM East of Lab. City

Flush Toilets, Hot/Cold Water, Showers, Dumping Station, Convenience Store, Paddle Boats, Hiking Trails, Boat Launch, Telephone, Fishing.


Weekly: $75.00

Monthly: $150.00

Seasonal: $300.00

Day Use: $3.00

Kinsmen Prince Edward Campground & RV Park

June - Sept.

709-637-1580 / 634-0456

Route 440 - Corner Brook

3KM from T.C.H.

Showers, Laundry, Facilities, Serviced Sites, Playground, Basketball Court, Volleyball, Badminton, Walking Trails, Convenience Store, Children/Family Entertainment & Activities.

Sites: 80

Fully-Serviced: $20.00

Semi-Serviced: $18.00

Unserviced: $15.00

Little Paradise RV Park

June - Sept.


Route 1 - T.C.H.

28KM East of Port aux Basques

BBQ's Birdwatching, Canoe Rentals, Laundry Facilities, Mini Golf, Outdoor Swimming/Peddle Boats, Pets Allowed, Showers, Beautiful Play Area, Electrical Hookups (15 & 30 Amp on Each Site).

Sites: 78

Semi-Serviced: $16.00

Unserviced: $9.00

Weekly: $54.00

Day Use/Person: $1.00

River of Ponds Park

May - Sept.

709-225-3130 / 225-3421

Route 430 - River of Ponds

188KM from T.C.H

Craft/Convenience Store, Salmon River, Pit Privies, Viewing Point, Drinking Taps Located Throughout the Park, Private Campsites, Showers, Pay Phone, Swimming, Laundromat.

Sites: 39

Call for Rates

South Brook Campground

May - Sept.

709-686-2931 / 686-5492

Route 1 - T.C.H.


Convenience Store, Snack Bar, Free Showers, Games Rooms, Playground, Horseshoe Pit, Group Facilities.

Sites: 200

Fully-Serviced: $21.00

Semi-Serviced: $19.00

Unserviced: $17.00

Spirity Pond Campground & RV Park

May - Oct.


Norris Point Access Rd.

Rocky Harbour

66KM from T.C.H.

Large Level Lots Suitable for any RV, Private L-Shape Lots With Firepits, Washrooms, Free Showers, Hiking, Boating, Playground, Convenience Store, Swimming, Pay Phone, Kitchen Shelter, Dumping Station.

Sites: 92

Fully-Serviced: $18.00

Semi-Serviced: $16.00

Unserviced: $14.00

The Waters Edge RV Park

June - Sept.

709-453-2020 / 453-2280

Route 431 - Shoal Brook

56KM from T.C.H.

Trout Fishing, Bird/Whale/Seal Watching, Access to Beach, Craft Shop, Picnic Tables / Playground, Near Hiking Trails, Electric/Water Hookups, Shower/Washroom Facilities, Supplies for Campers.

Sites: 25

$15.00 & Up.

Three Mile Lake Park

June - Nov.

709-847-5331 / 847-7823

Route 430 - Shoal Cove West

266KM from T.C.H

Picnic Areas, Children's Playground, Canteen, Firepits, Swimming, Hiking, Fishing, Canoeing, Wildlife, Other Events & Activities/Water Hook-ups.

Semi-Serviced: $10.00

Wishingwell Campgrounds

May - Oct.

709-645-2501 / 649-1736

Route 1 - T.C.H.

River Brook

80KM East of Port aux Basques

Playground, Rest Rooms/Showers, Building with Campfire Pits, Games, Annual Christmas in July/Santa & the Mummers are Always on Hand, Pull Throughs, Fishing Nearby, Dumping Station, Electricity is Generator Operated, Full Hook Up.

Fully-Serviced: $14.00

Semi-Serviced: $12.00

Unserviced: $10.00

Zenzville Campround & Recreation Park

May - Oct.

709-648-9232 / 648-9412

Route 460 - Kippens

49KM from T.C.H

Heated Pool, Waterslide, 30 Amp Service.

Sites: 75

Fully-Serviced: $20.00

Semi-Serviced: $18.00

Unserviced: $16.00

Tax. Included.