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Sami is Bullimic (1993)
Roman Returns (1997)
Marlena trapped in Stefano's Dungeon (1994)
Sami foils Carries and Austin's Wedding (1995-97)
The Gemini Twins (2002)
Wills Real father is Revealed (1997)
The Salem Stalker (2003-05)

*1. August - September of 1990: Carly Rescues Shawn D (after the Cruise of Deception)
Bo had just lost his wife Hope when a oil company (Jencon Oil Company) moves in and sets up oil rigs in a park across from a playground. Carly explains to Bo why this is such a bad idea and what bad effects it will have, so Bo and Carly starts up a protest against Jencon, while Carly's 25th birthday is approaching. One day Shawn D cuts across the oil field and falls into a drill shaft. Bo and Carly searches for his son, only to have Brady say that Shawn has fallen into a oil well. Carly risks her own life to get down into the hole and rescue the boy. The rescue turns out to be successful, but Carly realizes the boy has gone deaf, so she teaches Shawn sign language. Bo after this becomes the Riverfront Raider to get back at Jencon for his son is deaf. Also Carly's old husband Lawrence Alamain is the owner of Jencon Oil.

Some Episode Summaries of this incident

August 27:

Isabella starts the Toscano Foundation
Bo and Carly look for Shawn Douglas
Eve tries to work against Nick for Julie
Shawn Douglas falls into a hole
preparations to rescue Shawn Douglas

August 28:

Jack is sympathetic to the Bradys about Shawn Douglas
Shawn Douglas' attempted rescue
Chad tells Sarah the truth

August 29:

Shane refuses to speak for Jencon; Justin defends them
Carly gets stuck in the shaft
everyone worried about Shawn Douglas
Nick becomes Jencon's spokesperson
Carly realizes Shawn Douglas can't hear

August 30:

Shawn Douglas is rescued and deaf
Emilio and Melissa audition for leads in the movie
Shane lets Andrew go to live with Kimberly
Jack evaluates his life

August 31:

Chad skipped bail
Jack goes into therapy
Carly reaches out to Shawn Douglas

September 3:

Carly hides being Katerina
Shane uses April to help him with his case
Jack tries to get Jennifer out of town

September 4:

Andrew goes to live with Kimberly
Shane sees Jeannie
Isabella starts an anti-drug campaign
Benjy visits Shawn Douglas
Carly is the only one who can comfort Shawn Douglas

September 5:

Adrienne and Justin find out JJ is carrying twins
Jennifer tries to get a press pass
Carly hides from Werner Beyer
Carrie and Sarah become friends again
Jennifer sneaks into Werner's hotel room

September 6:

Jack finds Jennifer in Werner's hotel room
Shawn Douglas is released from the hospital
April tries to find out what Johnny is up to
Emilio replaces Chad in the movie
Bo becomes the riverfront raider

September 7:

Bo doesn't want to let Shawn Douglas have surgery
Jennifer uses Werner's chauffeur to get into his room
Porter Rollins tries to get more investors for the movie
Jencon spies on Isabella

September 10:

Chad needs Sarah to help him
a tanker causes an oil spill
Jennifer meets Werner Beyer
Bo notices Carly dodging the press

September 11:

Johnny knows Julie wants Wings
Victor tries to get Isabella away from Jencon
Justin pressures Roman to find the riverfront raider

September 12:

Steve and Kayla plan a trip around the world
Brian becomes Roman's partner
Jo makes Jack and Jennifer work out their problems
Jennifer offers Werner herself to play Katerina
Carly speaks against the raider to Bo

September 13:

Johnny finds out about the clause in Nick's lease
Isabella wants to help Roman catch the raider

Jack overhears Jennifer's plans to play Katerina
Roman investigates the Riverfront Raider

September 14:

JJ. goes into labor
Werner prepares Jennifer to meet Jack as Katerina
Carly figures out Bo is the raider

September 17:

the father shows up when JJ. gives birth
Jack gives Jennifer an ultimatum about playing Katerina
Isabella figures out the movie is a setup
Johnny sets up the ghost mechanisms at the haunted house

September 18:

Carly confronts Bo about being the raider
JJ.'s lover wants to make a claim on the babies
Steve gets involved in the raider case
Justin remembers Alexander

September 19:

Jennifer steals and loses Katerina's dowry
Maggie denies her attraction to Neil
Bo sees Katerina's dowry
Isabella's paranoid about her mother's ghost
Jack tires to keep Jennifer out of trouble

September 20:

Emilio proposes to Melissa
Johnny gets Nick back in time to sign the Wings lease
Isabella tells Roman about her mother's ghost
Alice helps Jennifer get the coin back

September 21:

Jennifer goes to New York to pose as Katerina
Steve investigates the Riverfront Raider
someone is following Carly
Steve and Kayla take Stephanie and Shawn Douglas on a camping trip

September 24:

Roman and Isabella ghostbust in the haunted house
JJ. wants to move in with Adrienne and Justin
Adrienne and Justin name the twins
Carly heals Bo's wounds
Sarah agrees to help Chad

2. July - August of 1993: Carly's Buried Alive

In April of 1993, Carly decided to seek custody of her son Nikki. Fearing losing Nikki to Carly, Vivian decided to kill her. However, her attempt to kill Carly by draining the brake fluid in her car was unsuccessful. At the same time, Vivian was diagnosed with a fatal heart ailment. Taking advantage of her condition, she decided to frame Carly for her own murder. After a failed attempt to drug herself with Carly's painkillers, Vivian came up with a much more grotesque plan. At Shawn-Douglas' birthday party at the Penthouse Grill, Vivian lured Carly into the balcony and engaged in a fierce argument regarding Nikki. During the argument, Vivian "fell" off the balcony. She would have died if her fall had not been broken by an awning below. Although Vivian survived the fall, she remained in a coma. However, she came out of her coma soon after and revealed herself only to Ivan. While pretending to be in a coma, Vivian hatched a plot to frame Carly for the murder of her patients. Vivian, who was taking some Chinese herbs from Dr. Wu and a lot of morphine to cure her heart ailment, was obsessed with framing Carly. She believed if Carly was convicted and sent to jail, Lawrence would no longer pursue her and Nikki would stop loving his mother. Thanks to the herbs, Vivian soon was able to walk and felt completely recovered. Dressed as a nurse, she sneaked out of her room at the hospital and injected cleaning fluid into the IV's of Carly's terminally ill patients. After the second death, the spouse of the latter victim brought a suit against the hospital.

Tom Horton firmly believed that Carly was innocent of any wrongdoing, but warned her that the medical review board was keeping a close eye on her. Vivian was dissatisfied by the inability of the police to bring murder charges against Carly. She made things hotter for Carly by sneaking out of the hospital and planting the bottle of cleaning fluid in Carly's house. During his investigation, Bo Brady found the bottle but remained confident that Carly did not murder her patients. In a bold move, Vivian decided that her next target would be Caroline Brady, Carly's future mother-in-law who was in the hospital to cure a peptic ulcer. Recently, Caroline had told both Bo and Carly that they should postpone their upcoming nuptials. Carly had been upset to hear this from Caroline. Vivian deduced that if she killed Caroline, Carly would be immediately suspected. Armed with a syringe of cleaning fluid and a syringe of morphine, she donned her nurse disguise and entered Caroline's room. Just as Vivian was about to give the injection to a sedated Caroline, Carly entered and was stunned not only to see Viv out of her coma but just about to give Caroline a shot. Carly quickly figured out that Vivian must have been responsible for the death of the other patients, and Vivian boldly confessed to everything she'd done. Amidst tears, Carly attempted to get security but Vivian stopped her and they fought. In the struggle, Vivian stabbed a syringe into Carly. Carly fell to the floor and Viv fled to her room and resumed her "coma".

Carly was found alive but unconscious due to a morphine overdose. Vivian panicked because she did not know which syringe she'd stabbed Carly with. Later, Ivan informed her that Carly had been stabbed by morphine. He also informed her that she'd awaken soon. Although Vivian was overjoyed that Carly was now finally a suspect in the murders, since Bo had found the cleaning fluid syringe in Caroline's room, she knew that Carly would tell of Vivian's murderous activities. She obtained through Dr. Wu, the eastern medicine specialist, an herb that would stop Carly. She had Ivan administer it and within minutes Carly "died." The herb induced a death-like paralysis. Her breathing stopped and her heart slowed down; even Tom Horton was fooled. Bo and everyone in Salem was shocked and saddened by Carly's untimely death. Bo fled town in a state of extreme mourning. Vivian "awoke" from her "coma" to help Lawrence and Nikki deal with their grief. As Carly's brother could not be contacted, Nikki was the next-of-kin and Vivian took the opportunity to manipulate the funeral arrangements, including a burial, as soon as possible. With the pretext that Carly had once told her she did not believe in embalming, Vivian managed to keep Carly from such a fate. At the funeral parlor, Vivian spoke to Carly and revealed to Ivan that Carly was not dead but in a death-like state. She was actually conscious but unable to move or speak. Carly awoke and was frightened by what she was hearing. She tried desperately to give some sign she was alive but it was to no avail. At the funeral, Carly was in the unique position of listening to her friends talk about her and mourn her. Bo arrived back in Salem and was shocked to learn that Carly's funeral was that day. He blamed Lawrence for rushing the ceremony. Bo spoke at the service and held Carly's hand. When Bo touched her hand he announced that the body was warm. Carly's heart soared but was soon disappointed when no one would believe him. Carly was horrified and terrified as she was buried after the service. After the burial Vivian returned and rolled around in the freshly covered grave in maddening ecstasy. The herbs were making her absolutely psychotic.

Returning home, Ivan was shocked to learn that Vivian had a radio transmitter, an oxygen tank, and lights put in the coffin, and that Vivian had intended to taunt Carly. He pleaded with Vivian not to go through with the scheme and to tell Lawrence or the police. Vivian blackmailed Ivan into keeping his silence, threatening to send him back to his home country. Carly was now able to speak and when Vivian called her, she begged Vivian to let her out. She promised she would not tell anyone what Viv had done. She even promised she would not see Nikki and allow Viv to raise him. Vivian was almost tempted but realized that Carly would say anything to be released from the coffin. Ivan believed that the herbs that Vivian were responsible for her bizarre behavior, stopped giving them to Vivian, and continued to plead with Viv to release Carly. The air supply in Carly's coffin was running out and she desperately pleaded to be released. The combination of hearing Carly gasp for air, Ivan's pleads and the withdrawal from the herbs made Vivian have a pang of conscience and she confessed what she had done to a stunned Lawrence.

Lawrence refused to believe that Vivian could be so cruel and it was only when Ivan backed up her story that he believed it. The three of them raced to the cemetery and Ivan and Lawrence dug up Carly to find her unconscious but alive. Lawrence wanted to take her to the hospital but Dr. Wu insisted that Western medicine would kill her and she needed special herbs to return her to health. Lawrence was highly suspicious but agreed to keep Carly hidden in the attic of the Alamain mansion. On more than one occasion he warned Viv that Carly had better not die or he would avenge her death. Vivian, terrified for her own safety had Dr. Wu administer an antidote. Days later, Carly regained consciousness but had amnesia not remembering anything from the last 10 years. Thinking it was 1983, she called Lawrence "James", the moniker he had fooled her with back then. She also believed that they were in Paris. After a while, Lawrence told Carly they were not in Paris, and that she was ill and needed to recover. Soon after, she snuck out of the house in her nightgown and went to the cemetery. She sat on a bench that Bo was sitting on just minutes before. Lawrence and Vivian track her down and Larry distracts Bo, who is only about 30 yards away from Carly, while Vivian gets Carly to head home. While Carly knows the man seemed familiar, she didn't see his face and wonders why she felt like she knew him. Larry sets plans in motion to keep Bo out of Salem and keep him away from Carly until she is well enough to travel to Europe.

In order to keep Lawrence from taking Carly out of the country Bo got a warrant for her arrest for the death of her patients. He said that if she ever regains her memory she'd thank him for it. Meanwhile he still looked for Vivian and he found her. She tried to convince him to let her go, that it would benefit him if she wasn't found, but he was a good cop and ignored his personal feelings and arrested her. Lawrence convinced Vivian to admit to everything so he could take off with Carly and in return he'll make sure she'll get off with a plea of temporary insanity. She agreed and so Lawrence was about to take Carly to Paris. Bo was already desperate. The one thing that Marlena said could help in such a case would be if Carly sees her son, but Lawrence made sure nobody knew where Nikki was. Curious, Carly left the Alamain mansion on more than one occasion and visited the park, where she was seen by Billie Reed. Billie was very depressed about the developments, but going to drink one night, she met a drunk Ivan and cleverly got him to tell her Nikki's whereabouts. She didn't know what to do with the information. She wanted to tell Bo because it's the right thing to do but she didn't want to tell him because if Carly regained her memory that would mean the end of Billie and Bo.

Lawrence found Carly in the park and, fearing that someone might have seen her, planned to leave Salem with her. Vivian begged Lawrence to take her with him, but he told her to go to hell, saying that he'd never allow her to hurt Carly again. Just as they were going to board the plane, Billie arrived at the airport with Nikki on October 13, hoping that his presence would help Carly regain her memory. Carly took one long look at him and remembered everything. She was angry at Lawrence for deceiving her but she was also grateful for his dedicated nursing of her. All of her feelings for him flooded back. Still, she had to talk to Bo and see what's going on. Lawrence gave Carly a deadline - either she'd be here by 5:00 pm or don't -Nikki and him were leaving to Paris with or without her. Carly first went to Jennifer (who was just abandoned by Jack the day before) to ask for advice. She explained to her how she fell in love with Lawrence again when she suffered from amnesia and how she now remembers her love for Bo and how hard it is for her to decide. Jenn couldn't really help her so Carly went to Bo's boat. Bo was very surprised to see her - he didn't know she regained her memory. They talked and they held each other and they talked some more and the more they talked the more they realized that it was over between them. Breaking up was very hard. They both cried but finally they said their goodbyes. Carly came right in time to join Lawrence and Nikki in their flight to Paris on October 18, 1993 and Bo was left lonely and heart broken - but not for long...

In the end, Vivian confessed to her crimes. With the help of Victor, she avoided serving jail time. Instead, she was sent to Pine Haven Sanitarium for a psychiatric evaluation. Meanwhile, Carly was released and felt grateful to Lawrence for demonstrating his love for her. Lawrence convinced Carly to move to Paris with him and Nikki, and she agreed. After saying good-bye to Bo, Carly boarded the Alamain jet and left for Paris with Lawrence and Nikki.

Some Episodes when this Plot took Place


*Days premiers new opening theme and graphics


Kim heads back to LA


Carly "dies"--she flatlines


Carly's funeral


Abby says dada


Rebecca Morrison is last seen


--Vivian tells Lawrence that Carly is alive
--Marlena's surprise baby shower
--Lexie finds out that Jonah's the Pacifier
--John starts investigating Kristen's past


Carly is dug up from grave


--Austin chosen to donate bone marrow for Abby;
--Bo and Billie in L.A.--Shop at Fred Hayman's


Victor proposes to Kate;
Lucas finds out about Kate's other children


John and Kristen first make love at Horton cabin


Kate and Victor wed at Penthouse Grille


Jennifer celebrates her birthday, gets her hair cut


Stefano reappears


Abby comes out of hospital isolation


--Abby home from hospital
--Jack learns he contaminated the land and water when he was young--he caused Abby's illness


Jack leaves Salem


Carly regains memory


Vivian is committed


Carly, Lawrence and Nikki leave Salem for Europe

3. August - September of 1996: Will is kidnapped


Will kidnapped


Jamie Caldwell is last seen


Kristen sleeps with John (under hypnosis)


Carrie and Austin postpone their wedding


Billie comes back (in Paris)


Sami gets Will back
Mary is seen for the last time


French Social Services take Will


Sami and Austin wed in Paris

4. Throughout 2002: The Baby Switch, JT, Isaac, and Zack
Lexie Carver was desperate to have a baby, so her evil father Stefano DiMera arranged for Lexie to adopt the baby of drunken tramp Marlo, who "disappeared" shortly after the birth of her son. On the same day that Marlo gave birth to a baby boy, Hope Brady and her husband Bo Brady happily welcomed a baby boy to the world. Lexie and her husband, Abe, and Bo and Hope couldn't have been more thrilled with the new additions to their families! Because Hope was brainwashed by Stefano to be "Princess Gina" when she became pregnant, Stefano believed that he could be the father of her baby. In order to keep "his" baby in the family fold, he arranged to have Marlo's baby and Hope's baby switched! But a DNA test showed that Stefano wasn't really the father.

John Black discovered that while brainwashed, he fathered Hope's baby--a revelation that rocked John and Marlena's marriage. Hope learned that John is the father, and she made a pact with John and Marlena to keep the secret from Bo. When Glen, the biological father of Marlo's baby, and his wife, Barb, came to town, Lexie wound up discovering the truth-her son, Isaac, is really Hope's son and Hope's son, JT, is really Marlo's son. Barb found out the truth, as well. As Barb blackmailed Lexie with the knowledge of the baby switch, Lexie became more and more desperate to hold onto her beloved son and keep the baby switch a secret.

With the help of Rolf, one of Stefano's henchmen, Lexie launched a diabolical plan. In order to distract Hope from finding out the truth and to keep the child she's raised since birth, Lexie planned to plant Gina's memories (which include Gina's love for John) into Hope's mind! At the "Mother of the Year" party which Lexie threw for Hope, Lexie arranged to activate the chip in Hope's mind so she would once again become Princess Gina. At the party, Hope realized something was wrong and turned to John for help. As John removed the chip from Hope's brain, Hope was overcome with Gina's memories. As a result, she kissed John...just as Bo walked in!

In the aftermath, Bo finally learned that John is really JT's biological father. He was furious when he realized that Hope, John, and Marlena had all known the truth--and had been lying to him for months! However, Bo put his feelings of betrayal aside when he and Hope were forced to face a horrifying reality. The two learned that Glen and Barb had done a DNA test on JT.--and that Glen had proof that he was JT's biological father! Bo and Hope's marriage got back on track as they faced this crisis.

Just when it seemed as if the situation couldn't get more complicated, it did. John was determined to find out if Isaac was really his and Hope's son. Against Lexie's will, he took a sample from Isaac and had it tested. What he learned rocked both him and Marlena--Isaac was indeed the son of Hope, but not the son of John! John and Marlena feared Stefano was Isaac's father, but further research proved he wasn't. Bo and Hope were stunned by this new revelation. Bo and Hope faced the most devastating event of their lives when they lost custody of JT to the Reibers. As a result, Bo and Hope sued Abe and Lexie for custody of Isaac. Desperate to hold onto Isaac, Lexie kidnapped the boy but Bo and Hope were able to get him back. Bo and Hope gained custody of Isaac and were thrilled to find out that his biological father is actually Bo!

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