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Some Wildlife Caution/Warning Road Signs that maybe seen on the Island or the Big Land

Past & Present Logo's of the Trans Canada Highway, Crown Corps & Related

Canadian National Railway Company

CN Marine - Defunct

CN Terra-Transport - Defunct

Newfoundland Railway - Defunct

Reddy Kilowatt

Former Mascott of Newfoundland Power

DRL Coachlines (CN/Terra-Transport)

Clarke Transport (CN/Terra-Transport)

Marine Atlantic (CN Marine)

TCH Highway Marker (1)

TCH Highway Marker (2)


Western Brook Pond Scenery

Date: Unknown

Puffins off the coast of Bay Bulls

Date: Unknown

Moose Family at Ferry Terminal

Argentia (MA), Date: 2005

Bull Moose Strapped to Haul

Origin/Date: Unknown

Dark & Albino (White) Moose

Origin/Date: Unknown

Albino Moose (1)

Same Location

Same Albino Moose (2)

Same Albino Moose (3)

Bull Moose in Trench

Origin/Date: Unknown

Bull Moose Rescued (w/Family)

Same Location

Gambo Railway Trestle

(From Lookout), Date: 2008

CN-TT Train at Siding

Port aux Basques, Date: 1982

CN-TT Train Crossing Trestle

Black Duck, Date: 1982

CN-TT Train at CN Marine

Lewisporte, Date: 1984

CN-TT Train Passing Through

Near Glenwood, Date: 1984

CN-TT Train at Siding

Gander, Date: 1984

CN-TT Train Passing Through

Near Port Blandford, Date: 1984

CN-TT Train at Station/Depot

Lethbridge, Date: 1982

CN-TT Train at Causeway

Near Lockston, Date: 1982

CN-TT Train Passing Through

Princeton, Date: 1982

CN-TT Train Passing Through

Clarke's Beach, Date: 1982

CN-TT Railyard at Downtown

St. John's, Date: 1988

593 Steam Engine Display

Humbermouth, Date: Unknown

Dining Car Display

Humbermouth, Date: Unknown

Sleeper Car Display

Humbermouth, Date: Unknown

Inisde Coach Display

Sleeper Car Cabin Display

Inside Dining Car Display

CN-TT Coach Display

Lewisporte Train Park

Restored Avondale Station/Depot

CN Roadcruiser (Bus) Terminal

St. John's; Date: Unknown

CN TCH Irving Bus Stop

(Unknown), Date: Unknown

The end of the 4 lane divided T.C.H. at the Witless Bay interchange back in 1990. The Trans Canada is now twinned from St. John's to Whitbourne which was completed in 2001.

East side view of Long Harbour Crossing on the TCH before construction of interchange #27

Long Harbour Road to Cabot Highway




1969 - Caribou Train (Newfie Bullet)

Last Passenger Schedule Province Wide

CN Marine & Terra Transport Schedule

Date: Sometime in the 1980's

CN Roadcruiser Ticket

Date: April 10, 1996

CN Roadpac Page 1

Date: 1977

CN Roadpac Page 2

Date: 1977

Terra-Transport Roadpac Page 1

Date: 1982

Terra-Transport Roadpac Page 2

Date: 1982

CN Roadcruiser Schedule Page 1

Date: 1995

CN Roadcruiser Schedule Page 2

Date: 1995