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Mike Toth
Birthplace: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Birth date: September 27, 1963
First media job: 1976 - Bassano Times - reporter for newspaper owned by my father in Bassano, Alberta
Career highlight: Doing play-by-play for the Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League; It was my first play-by-play job and it was a dream come true.
Special Interests/Hobbies: Rodeo Clowning, space travel, and turning myself into a human fudge bar by stripping naked and rolling in hot caramel and fresh roasted nuts. Mmmmmm.
Appears on: Sportsnetnews (Host), CHL Hockey (Play-by-Play) occasional.

Mike's bio in his own words: "I was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, which makes me arguably the third best goaltender to hail from this prairie paradise, behind Glenn "Chico" Resch and Ed Staniowski. Currently, I am arguably the second best goaltender at Sportsnet, behind former Weyburn Red Wing stalwart Daren Millard.

Like Daren, I, too, grew up wanting to play goal in the N.H.L. I played for the Drumheller Falcons of the Alberta Junior Hockey League. One night after another close loss (10-2), my coach, Stormin' Norman Johnston called me into his office. "Mike," said Norm, "when I watch you play goal I'm reminded of a jet plane." "A Jet plane?" I said. "Is it because I'm so fast and powerful when I move around the crease?" "No," Norm replied. "It's your goals against average....7.47."

That was the end of my hockey career.

However, I must say that broadcasting has been berry, berry good to me. I have loved my time at Sportsnet, especially since it's given me the opportunity to develop a close, personal friendship with CTV news anchor, Lloyd Robertson. There is nothing better than cruising for chicks on Yonge Street with Lloyd on a Saturday night."

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