The Playing Card Game

Note: This game is a very basic variation of Mille

Deck: 2 52 Standard Decks, Also include the Jokers.

Point Values:


Point Value

Queen of Spades




Ace & 2


10 - Kings


3 - 9



A and 2 are wild cards


First to reach 2,000 points wins.


13 cards to be dealed out to each player.

dealer must cut the right amount of cards for all players and the the one in the middle to get 100 bonus points.

ex: 3 players, 3x13=39+1=40, for 3 players the dealer must cut exactly 40 cards.


The first player to lay down all their cards ends the hands, whatever points the other players has left in their hands will be deducted from their score.

ex. player caught with 175pts, and had 60pts laid down, and overall score is 345, 175-60=115pts - 345 = 230 pts for an overall score from that hand.


Players must have 3 of a kind first to lay down, a.k.a 3 5's or 3 10's, or 3 jokers or 3 wilds.

After a player may lay down a combination of a A or 2 with any one or two cards the same.

eg. A-10-10, or A-2-5 or A-A-10, anything like that.


Jokers can be laid down on one at a time but not before you lays your first 3 of a kind.


You may only lay when its your turn.


When your turn comes you have to choose to take a card what's laid on the pile or take one from the deck, and must lay another card on the pile unless you can go out without laying.

It is legal to go out on the first turn.


A player cannot take the card on the discard pile on their first turn of the hand, and must draw a card before laying a 3 of a kind.


Note: When you get caught with more points then you have as a overall score, you will be in the minus's.

example: overall score is 50, you got caught with 110 pts.

110-50 is 60 in the hole or -60. when you gain pts. next time, you have to use them to get out of the hole.

More Instructions on Queens: (From: eHow.Com)

  • 1

    State that the objective of the game is to be the first to get to 2,000 points so that each person in the game knows what he is playing for.

  • 2

    Split the group into two teams, either randomly or by choice. Have teammates sit so that they are not next to each other, but spaced so that someone from the other team is in between them.

  • 3

    Decide on one person to be the team's "bank."

  • 4

    Determine who will be the dealer. Have the dealer shuffle the three decks of cards and then cut the deck randomly.

  • 5

    Hand out 13 cards to each player from the deck that you cut, if you are the dealer. If you, as the dealer, manages to get exactly 13 cards to each player with no cards left, your team starts off with 100 points. In this case, write on the paper that your team has acquired 100 points.

  • 6

    Place the deck in the middle of the table or game surface so that it is face down and flip the top card over. From here, the person to the left of the dealer goes first, and the game continues on in a clockwise fashion.

  • 7

    Grab the top card off of the deck that is face down on the table when it is your turn. Or, if you already have two of the same card as the one that is facing up on the table, you may take that one. The objective of your turn is to get three of a kind and place it in your "bank." Twos are wild cards. Jokers are automatically placed in the bank. If you take this top card, you have to take the entire pile of cards.

  • 8

    Give your bank all of your three-of-a-kind cards to finish your turn. Give your bank any Jokers that you have as well. You may also discard certain cards onto the pile: if you have a 2, your bank can put it in a pile that does not have a 2 in it, and if you have a card that is already three-of-a-kind in your bank, you can place it in the same pile.

  • 9

    Repeat Step 7 with each player until the first player is out of the game by no longer having any cards.

  • 10

    The bank adds up all of the total points. Cards 3 through 10 are each 5 points. Jacks, Queens and Kings are all 10 points each, aside from the Queen of Spades, which is 100 points. Aces and 2s are 20 points. Whichever team wins the hand adds the points to its score. The losing team of that hand adds up the amount of points that it is still holding in its players' hands and then detracts that from its total score.

  • 11

    Hands continue to be played until the first team reaches 2,000 points.

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