The Digimon Cast

Good Digimon:

Season's 1 and 2:

Agumon - Tai

Agumon is a loyal little dinosaur. He always sticks by Tai, and like Tai, doesn't always use his head.

Gabumon - Matt

Gabumon is very loyal and a true friend to Matt. He rarely takes off his coat.

Biyomon - Sora

Biyomon is a loving little bird and is very loving towards Sora.

Palmon - Mimi

Palmon is a very sincere plant digimon. She always wants to help Mimi.

Tentomon - Izzy

Like Izzy, Tentomon is full of knowledge. He always tries to help and has a good sense of humor.

Patamon - T.K.

Patamon may be small, but he's tough. If anyone attacks T.K. he's there. He's also very sensitive.

Gomamon - Joe

Gomamon is a reliable friend of Joe. He always manages to keep a sense of humor.

Gatomon - Kari

Gatomon is one tough Kitty. She always protects Kari no matter what the cost.

Veemon - Davis

Veemon is a loyal friend. And like Davis is very determined. He is like a Digimon version of Davis pretty much right down to his love for Gatomon.

Hawkmon - Yolei

Hawkmon is strong like Yolei, but much wiser. He should be Owlmon with his wisdom. But when he is needed, he'll do anything to protect Yolei.

Armadillomon - Cody

Armadillomon is honest like Cody and a loyal friend. But he would prefer to sleep rather than to fight.

Wormmon - Ken

Wormmon is kind, and would do anything to protect Ken, even sacrificing his own life.


Season 3:

Guilmon - Takato

When Guilmon was first born he was just like a baby. He knew nothing, didn't know how to speak. But now he's smarter and much braver. Takato is his best friend and together they'll face any challenge, after he eats peanut butter.

Terriermon - Henry

Terriermon has a very smart mouth and often speaks to fast. Him and Henry don't always see eye-to-eye, and he doesn't like being tortured by Suzie, but overall he likes them both and his sister Lopmon.

Leomon - Jeri

The kind-hearted lion had grown close to Jeri and will always protect her, putting her life ahead of his.

Guardromon - Kazu

A rather stubborn Digimon, like Kazu, but he's also the protector of the weak. Him and Kazu make a good pair as he is also cautious and loyal.

Marine Angemon - Kenta

He gives new meaning to the phrase "Pocket Monster" because he can fit in your pocket. For someone so small he has a big heart that he uses to protect Kenta.

Lopmon - Susie

This ex-Deva now loves Suzie. She changed her heart and now she loves her and playing with her, but not being tortured. She also likes her brother Terriermon.


Not the most obedient Digimon, but very powerful, if course he's an Ultimate. He gets nicer when he de-digivolves.


This is one confused Digimon. He abandoned his Tamers because he thought they didn't care for him. Then he pretended he was happy but really wanted a Tamer. He turned to a life of evil to digivolve, but Leomon's death knocked some sense back into him so he found his Tamers and is happy now.




Renamon - Rika

She always appears out of the shadows, don't ask me how. She's tough, mean, and strong. Together with Rika she'll face any challenge.


Season 4:

Agunimon & BurningGremon (Fire Spirit) - Takuya

Lobomon & KendoGarurumon (Light Spirit) - Koji

Kazemon & Zephyrmon (Wind Spirit) - Zoe

Beetlemon & MetalKabuterimon (Thunder Spirit) - J.P.

Kumamon & Korikakumon (Ice Spirit) - Tommy

Duskmon & Velgrmon (Darkness Spirit/Corrupted) - Kouchi

Lowemon & KaiserLeomon (Darkness Spirit) - Kouchi


Season 1:


Devimon is a powerful villain. His goal was to conquer Vile Island with no success. Even his control over Leomon, Ogremon, and the Black Gears couldn't save him from Angemon.


This rock start wanna be was quite a powerful enemy. He had control over the black cables and the dark network, but Datamon messed up his plans and MetalGreymon destroyed him, but he digivolved into MetalEtemon only to have SabreLeomon and Zudomon destroy him.


The best word to describe him, evil. He's the evilest being in both worlds. He didn't care who got hurt as long as he could conquer both worlds. Angewomon destroyed him only to come back as VenomMyotismon. He was huge, and had to be destroyed by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.


The leader of the Dark Masters has quite an attitude. Attacking the digidestined brought him fun and joy until they decided to fight back. He turned them into Key Chains. But with MetalGarurumon, WarGreymon, and MagnaAngemon he was history.


He loved playing games, but did a poor job making friends. He wanted to play more than to fight, but he often confused the two. But when the time came, not even his mansion could save him from MetalGarurumon.


He was out to destroy the digidestined in whatever way possible, even it meant destroying his own city. He's lean, mean, and machine, but WarGreymon took care of him.


He ruled the ocean with an iron hand, and an iron tail, and an iron everything for that matter. He wasn't one to play games and seeked to destroy the digidestined and anyone else who got in his path. Only WarGreymon could finish him off.


He is a mutant digimon, complete with hot and cold running water, he is Apocalymon one of the Digiworld's most powerful Digimon and a very dangerous opponent. He was created from grief, sadness, and Digimon who couldn't digivolve. It took all the Digidestined to destroy him, and even then he destroyed himself.


Season 2:

Digimon Emperor

The Digimon Emperor is not really a bad guy on the inside. A Dark Spore caused him to turn evil, build control spires, and try to conquer the Digital World by enslaving all the Digimon in it. Only after Wormmon sacrificed himself to stop Kimeramon did he come to his senses.


She was created from Oikawa's DNA and has the ability to take human shape. She uses her hairs to turn control spires into Digimon. In the end, she was just a puppet for MaloMyotismon, who would later eat her.


Mummymon was created from Oikawa's DNA and has the ability to take human shape. His main goal is not to conquer the Digital World, but to marry Arukenimon. He became very upset with her destruction, so MaloMyotismon destroyed him too.


He is one confused, control spire Digimon. He struggles with emotions and cannot understand himself. He thought fighting Azulongmon would bring him peace, but instead confused him. When Dark Energy from Oikawa (MaloMyotismon) nearly destroyed him, he sacrificed himself to seal the digital gate at Highton View Terrace.


He wanted the Dark Spore within Ken, instead he had to fight the Digidestined. He was extremely powerful and no one could defeat him or seal him in the Digiworld. He could only be sealed in the Dark Ocean where he still remains.


Another Puppet for MaloMyotismon. He inhabited his body and caused him to his bidding. Oikawa was too distressed over the loss of his best friend and not being able to go to the Digital World, so MaloMyotismon corrupted this. In the end, his body could go on no longer so he turned himself into energy and put a seal of light over the Digital World.


First he was Myotismon, and got destroyed to come back as VenomMyotismon and was destroyed again. His spirit remained and took over Oikawa. He used his body for evil and after harvesting the dark flowers, he was reborn as MaloMyotismon with one goal in mind, to conquer the Digital and Real Worlds but filling them both with Dark Energy. But all the light from all the Digidestined, combined with ImperialDramon FM's Giga Crusher, destroyed him for the last time.


Season 3:


Yamaki controls Hypnos. They're goal was to stop and eliminate Digimon. He wanted to destroy all Digimon using Juggernaut but it backfired and opened a portal between the worlds. He later realized the kids had to save the world and turned good.

The Devas

The twelve Devas represent the Chinese Zodiac. They are all servants of the Digimon Sovereign. All are equally evil. Eventually they were all destroyed.

Digimon Sovereign

Zuhaqiomon, the Digigod, is the main Digimon Sovereign. He created the Devas and made Impmon digivolve. He is evil because he thinks humans want to conquer the digiworld. He has a bit of a change of heart, but still hates humans.


He started out bad, became evil, and then turned good. He felt abandoned and unwanted by his tamers, so he wanted to digivolve. When he did he killed Leomon and felt guilty, then he turned back to Impmon. From there he became a good guy.


An evil program with many servants. At first it just deletes, but soon it evolves and creates many servants including D-Reaper Woman. The D-Reaper is devolved back to harmless program in a team effort between the Digidestined and the Juggernaut program.

D-Reaper Woman

The D-Reapers most powerful mobile form. She pretends to be Jeri, but when she reveals herself, she is very powerful. Gallantmon in Crimson-Mode finally destroys her.


Season 4:

Cherubimon (Kerpymon)

Kerpymon once governed with Orphanimon and Seraphimon as the three DigiGods, but he revolted and now threatens the entire Digital World. His warriors have the other five Digimon spirits.

Grumblemon & Gigasmon

Grumblemon commands the Earth Spirits and works for Cherubimon. Grumblemon is aggressive, but not very bright. Takuya takes his Beast Spirit and J.P. takes his human spirit and he becomes are harmless Digiegg.

Mercuremon & Sefirotmon

He is another one of Cherubimon's warriors and commands the Steel Spirits. He's the smartest of the group and has a certain elegance and cunning.

Ranamon & Calmaramon

Ranamon is the third of Cherubimon's warriors and she commands the Water Spirits. She is a bit snobby and vain.

Arbormon & Petaldramon

Arbormon commands the Wood spirits and is another of Cherubimon's warriors. He is aggressive, but smarter than Grumblemon. Koji takes his Beast Spirit and Duskmon takes his H-Spirit.

Duskmon & Velgrmon

Duskmon works for Cherubimon, but is also human. It is believed that the spirits of Darkness corrupted him and made him evil. As a villain, he is a loner, but pure evil.

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