The Digidestined

Adventure 01 and 02 Cast:

Tai Kamiya

Tai is the leader of the first series digidestined and is normally the first to run into action. He has a love of football and goes to practice with Sora. He is also quite protective over his little sister, Kari, although sometimes his ‘ask questions later’ attitude tends to get them into more trouble. Normally he’s seen wearing his goggles, but in series two, he gives them to Davis, the new leader of the digidestined. Also caries a telescope.

Kari Kamiya

Kari is Tai’s younger sister. She’s a sweet natured girl who always puts other people first. She is the last digidestined to be discovered in series one due to a small accident with Piedmon and some digi-eggs, but you'll see.
In series two, she's one of the digidestined again and is the object of quite a few crushes. She's still her same sweet self, however.

Matt Ishida

Matt comes off as being quite aloof and cool. He does like doing things his own way, and consequently has argued with Tai quite a bit, but his true nature comes out when he’s with his little brother, TK whom he loves and is very protective over. He always carries his harmonica, which often gets played if times are low.
TK. Takaisha

TK can sometimes be a bit of a cry-baby, but tries to be brave to impress his big-brother, Matt. Although sometimes the digiworld can be kind of scary, he’s happy to be spending time with his brother that he wouldn’t normally get in the real world with their parents having divorced.
Both TK and Kari carry on to be digidestined in series two. In the second series he grows up a lot, but still tries to prove himself against the Digimon Emperor.

Sora Takenouchi

Sora is a bit of a tomboy - she plays on the school football team with Tai. She also acts as the voice of reason within the group and is mostly quite down to earth. She is always seen wearing her hat, which has doubled as many things, including a drum once, even though it's made out of wool or something *confused*.

Mimi Takchikawa

Mimi is often seen as daddy’s little princess, being spoil and slightly sheltered from the real world. This is not true of Mimi, however. Later you learn that she is a sweet and caring girl who has difficulties with life in the digiworld and the new responsibilities being placed on all of them.
Joe Kido

Joe is a pessimist at the best of times and ends up getting into a panic over most things. Worryingly, in the digiworld, he often seems to be right. Since he is the oldest, he feels responsible for the rest of the kids. Throughout the digiworld, he carries a first-aid bag which has come in handy more often than it should.

Izzy Izumi

Izzy is a computer whiz and very intelligent for his age. He likes to investigate everything and this can sometimes get him into trouble. In the digiworld he is always seen carrying his pineapple laptop.

Davis Motomiya

Kari said Davis was a lot like her brother, Tai, which is quite true, right down to the goggles. (Which are actually Tai’s in any case...) I think he tends to think things through even less than Tai did though and just jump in feet first. He's thinking of everyone though when he does, but just likes to get things sorted, rather than sit around and plan.

Yolei Inoue

Yolei can be a bit like Mimi, thinking of herself sometimes, but I think she’s more like Izzy with her love for technology.

Cody Hida

Cody is the youngest of the second digi-destined group, but in some situations, seems to be a lot older than some of the others, like Davis. Some one described him once as a mixture of Joe and Izzy, which is probably the most accurate description of him, minus Izzy’s love for computers and Joe’s pessimism.


Ken is a very intelligent and kind kid when he’s not being the digimon emperor. After the digidestined help him sort himself out, he finds he was being made to do a lot of the things he did by this woman in a big hat who used him to build the control spires which she could use. He's kind of like Matt in that he has trouble accepting his crest and working with the others, but they talk him round.


Tamer Cast:

Takato Matsuki

Takato grew up watching Digimon on TV and playing the card game. He's very good at drawing, and even created his ideal digimon partner. After he discovered a mysterious blue card his life changed. Guilmon was born! Now the battles are "real"! Takato is quite innocent and naive in many ways. Sometimes he becomes a bit over-confident in his battles, but he soon learns the purpose of the "Tamer."

Rika Nonaka

Rika is one tough little tomboy. She feels digimon were there to fight. She has been labeled "The Digimon Queen", because of her great knowledge of the card game. Deep down inside Rika is lonely and sensitive. Although she will never admit it, she longs to spend more time with her mother (who is a famous model). Soon Rika will realize that Renamon is more of a friend than a tool for fighting.

Henry Wong

Henry is the cool, calm and collected voice of reason. He seems mature way beyond is years. That could be because he has two older sibblings. He also has a younger sister, Suzie. Henry has a very close bond with his digimon, which is why he is very reluctant to get into battle. He does understand, however, that sometimes a fight is unavoidable.

Ryo Akiyama

He was one of the people who e-mailed Izzy & Tai. He helped Ken when it was Ken's first time in the Digiworld. Ryo and Ken defeated Milleniumon (a mega virus digimon). After that a Dark Spore was going to attack Ryo but Ken took the shot that's how he became....The Digimon Empire. He also defeated Rika in a card game tournament and the master of the "Goliath" card. Cyberdrtamon De-Digivolves to Strikedramon, Monodramon and Digivolves to Justimon.

Susie Wong

Suzie is the typical 6 year old girl who LOVES playing dress up with none other than-you've guessed it-Terriermon! This was before she knew for certain he was real, but like she said- she just new princess pretty pants/Terriermon was real. She is also Henry's little sister.


Kenta is another good friend of Takato's who loves playing the Digimon card game. Unfortunately, he is always losing to Kazu. Kenta is sweet and innocent and pretty much does whatever Kazu asks. You could say he's a follower of Kazu.

Jeri Katou

Jeri is one of Takato's favorite female school mates. It's pretty obvious that he has a small crush on her, but it's hard to determine what she is thinking. She is definitely looking out for him. Jeri loves to carry on a conversation with her hand puppet. In later episodes you will see why her interest in Digimon increases.

Kazu Shioda

Kazu is a good friend of Takato's who loves to play the Digimon card game. He is a bit over-confident and conceited often considering himself the Digimon king. He believes he knows more than anyone when it comes to the card game. Eventually, he will learn that there is much more to Digimon than just a game.


Frontier Cast:

Takuya Kanbara

The new goggle boy. He is a cheerful, energetic 5th grader and has a strong sense of justice. He is a very athletic and is a member of the soccer club. He's tends to act before he thinks, and because of that often has conflicts with his friends. He gets to the Digital World by following an email left on his cell phone.

Zoe Orimoto

She used to live in Italy for two years, but then moved backed to Japan. . She speaks her mind freely and appears to be very strong, but she is also looking for true friends. She says what she feels and has a bit of a strong personality.

Tommy Himi

A computer expert. This 3rd grader tends to rely on others a lot. His older brother never played with him, so he played on the computer all the time. He's a little cowardly, but he's very genuine and open about expressing his feelings.

J.P. Shibayama

A kind, fat boy. A cool-headed and watchful 6th grader who likes fortune telling with playing cards. He's not very good at studying, but he's very knowledgeable about various things like trains, stamps, and cards. He is very knowledgeable, but not very cool looking. He's the mood maker for the group.

Koji Minamoto

A loner. This 5th grader is a bit of a lone-wolf. His father's circumstances have caused him to change schools many times, and because of this he's not very good at making friends. But when his friends are in trouble, he'll rush to help them without even thinking of the danger he's putting himself in. This lone-wolf has a bit of a nihilistic air about him. He got to the Digital World through a different path than Takuya.

Kouchi Kimera

Kouchi was given the corrupted human spirit of darkness by Cherubimon, and evolved into the evil Duskmon. After Duskmon was defeated, Kouchi became himself again. Kouchi is  Koji's brother.

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