Episodes (329)

Season 1: Adventure 01 (1-54)

Devimon Saga:

Episode 1: And so it Begins...
Seven kids at summer camp are mysteriously transported to another reality, where they are befriended by a group of strange creatures who call themselves "Digimon," digital monsters. The seven companion Digimon prove to be more than good company when they transform into larger digital monsters and fight as a team to defend the kids from a giant red beetle Digimon.

Episode 2: The Birth of Greymon
While running to escape from the evil Kuwagamon, the kids are knocked off a cliff. As they plunge to a river far below, Gomamon has the fish in the river break their fall, saving everyone. On a beach near the river, the kids discover a series of phone booths, but the phones inside just spout gibberish. While they're investigating, they're attacked by Shellmon, an evil Digimon. To save Tai, Agumon digivolves to Greymon and defeats Shellmon. The kids and their Digimon friends decide to search for whoever built the phone booths.

Episode 3: Garurumon
The kids and their Digimon counterparts run into an angry Monochromon, who is fighting with a look-alike trying to take over his territory. The kids get away and discover a deserted bus by a lake, where they camp for the night. But the bus is parked on top of a giant Digimon called Seadramon. The kids fall into the water and the Digimon try to fend off the monster. Gabumon digivolves to Garurumon and defeats Seadramon.

Episode 4: Biyomon Gets Firepower
The kids follow telephone lines to the village of Yokomon at the foot of Mt. Miharashi, a volcano guarded by the flaming Meramon. When Meramon is hit by a flying Black Gear, he becomes violent and attacks the village. The Digimon try to stop him, but their powers are useless against his fireballs. Biyomon, realizing that Sora is in danger , digivolves to the firebird Birdramon and drives the Black Gear out of Meramon, bringing him under control.

Episode 5: Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker
The kids come upon an odd factory that manufactures useless machinery but also produces power. They find Andromon trapped in the factory, and he attacks them when they free him. Agumon and Gabumon evolve into Greymon and Garurumon to fight Andromon, but they're defeated. Tentomon digivolves to Kabuterimon and attacks Andromon's wounded leg, dislodging a Black Gear. Restored to his normal, good self, Andromon directs the kids to a tunnel that leads out of the factory.

Episode 6: Togemon in Toy Town
Following an underground passage, the kids are attacked by a group of sewer-dwelling Numemon. They escape, only to end up in Toy Town, where they are captured by a giant Teddy Bear Digimon, Monzaemon. The Numemon, one of whom has a crush on Mimi, come to their rescue, and when Palmon digivolves to the giant cactus form of Togemon, they defeat Monzaemon, who had been controlled by one of the evil Black Gears.

Episode 7: Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo
The kids are trying to decide whether they should climb a mountain to get a view of the island, but while they argue, Joe decides to climb it by himself . He is followed by Gomamon, and they're attacked by Unimon, who is controlled by a Black Gear. Sora, Tai and Birdramon show up to help them, but when Birdramon is knocked out, Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon and destroys the Black Gear. Unimon flies off, and the kids climb to the top of the mountain and see that there are no other islands in sight.

Episode 8: Evil Show His Face
Leomon, a powerful Good Digimon, is struck by a Black Gear, making him a slave to Devimon, the ruler of the Bad Digimon. Devimon orders Leomon and Ogremon, a mighty Bad Digimon, to attack the "DigiDestined"-the kids. The the kids and their Digimon hold them off long enough to escape and hide in a luxury hotel, but the hotel turns out to be a trick of Devimon's, and the exhausted group is again attacked. The kids are saved when Tai's Digivice transforms Leomon back to his good nature, and he detains Ogremon while they escape.

Episode 9: Subzero Ice Punch
Tai and Agumon become marooned in Freeze Land, where they encounter the snowman Frigmon, who is controlled by a Black Gear. When Agumon and Tai free Frigimon, he leads them to another frozen island, where they find Matt and Gabumon. As Matt and Tai try to decide what to do next, they're attacked by another Black Gear-controlled creature, Mojamon. Their Digimon digivolve to Greymon and Garurumon and destroy the Black Gear. With the threat ended, the group notices that Infinite Mountain is drawing near again.

Episode 10: A Clue From the Digi-Past
Mimi and Palmon are accosted by Sukamon and Chuumon, two Digimon who want to kiss Mimi. Fleeing, they come across Izzy and Tentomon. While Izzy tries to decipher the hieroglyphs in some jungle ruins, Mimi and Tentomon wander off and are attacked by Centarumon, a Black Gear-possessed Digimon. Izzy arrives and restores Centarumon to his good self, and Centarumon tells them that their Digivices resemble a legendary mystical weapon against evil. Leomon arrives to attack the kids, but they escape with Centarumon's help.

Episode 11: The Dancing Digimon
Adrift at sea, Joe and Gomamon are attacked by Ogremon, but Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon and defeats him. Soon after the fight, the two are rescued from their sinking craft by Sora and Biyomon, who pull them back to shore. Travelling on, the four come upon a church service. The pastor leading the service and his parishioners are ghosts called Bakemon. Gomamon and Biyomon digivolve to Ikkakumon and Birdramon to fight the Bakemon, and with the help of some quick thinking by Joe, they defeat him. With the threat ended, the two kids and their Digimon go off in search of their friends.

Episode 12: Digibaby Boom
T.K. and Patamon, still separated from the others, arrive at Primary Village, which is full of bright colors, fun shapes and lots of Baby Digimon. Elecmon , caretaker of the Baby Digimon and Digieggs, shows up and fights with Patamon. When the babies start crying, though, T.K. convinces the Digimon to settle their differences in a tug of war, which Patamon wins. As a result of the duel, T.K., Patamon and Elecmon learn the value of joining together and sense that when their hearts are as one, the shattered File Island will return to normal. Devimon, of course, has other plans for the kids and the Digital World...

Episode 13: The Legend of the Digidestined
T.K. and Patamon are attacked by Leomon and Ogremon. The rest of the kids arrive and use their Digivices-devices that destroy Black Gears-on Leomon, returning him to his good self. Leomon tells the kids of the legend of the "DigiDestined," who will bring peace to the island. The kids realize they might be able to return home if they destroy Devimon, so they go after him. When it becomes clear that the Digimon aren't powerful enough to defeat Devimon, even in their digivolved states, Patamon digivolves to Angemon. He uses all his power to destroy Devimon and devolves into a Digiegg.

Etemon Saga:

Episode 14: Departure for a New Continent
Gennai asks the kids to come to the continent of Server to defeat his enemies. He tells them that if they can find certain tags and crests that Devimon hid, their Digimon will be able to digivolve to the next level. The kids and their Digimon sail a raft to Server, but they're swallowed by Whamon en route. They remove a Black Gear from Whamon's stomach, and in return he takes them to where Devimon hid the tags. The kids and their Digimon defeat Drimogemon, remove his Black Gear, and recover the tags.

Episode 15: The Dark Network of Etemon
The kids arrive at Server and encounter a village inhabited by Pagumon, tricksters who, with the help of the Gazimon, have imprisoned the real inhabitants of the village, the Koromon. The kids rescue the Koromon and the Pagumon leave, but Etemon and his Dark Network appear and destroy the village . When the Digimon try to digivolve to fight him, Etemon stops them with his rock 'n' roll Concert Crush. The kids and their Digimon are forced to flee into a cave, where Tai finds the Crest of Courage.

Episode 16: The Arrival of SkullGreymon
Izzy explains that to digivolve, the Digimon need two things: their human partner must be in danger, and they must have a lot of energy. Since he's the only kid with a crest, Tai stuffs Agumon with food so he'll have the energy to digivolve to his ultimate form if it's needed. Joe's tag leads the group to a Coliseum where his crest should be, but Etemon sends an evil Greymon to attack them. Agumon digivolves to a new form, SkullGreymon, a savage killing machine. SkullGreymon defeats evil Greymon, then turns on the other Digimon before he runs out of energy and digivolves back to Koromon. Joe finds his crest.

Episode 17: The Crest of Sincerity
The kids and their Digimon are walking through a barren desert when Gennai appears to tell them that they must take care of their Digimon or they won't digivolve properly. Suddenly, a huge cruise ship appears. Everyone boards it , but it turns out it's piloted by Cockatrimon, one of Etemon's henchmen. He captures the boys and turns their Digimon to stone, then corners the girls. Birdramon and Togemon fight him off, freeing the boys and their Digimon, and everyone flees, but Cockatrimon chases them in his ship. Then a giant cactus appears and destroys the ship. Mimi finds her crest, the Crest of Sincerity.

Episode 18: The Piximon Cometh
The kids and their Digimon are still walking through the desert in search of crests when they're attacked by Kuwagamon. Agumon, troubled by his experience as SkullGreymon, is afraid to digivolve, and things look bad until Piximon, a famous trainer of Digimon, appears and saves them. Piximon takes them to his home and trains the Digimon. Tyranomon, one of Etemon's henchmen , attacks, and the value of Piximon's training is proven when Agumon digivolves to Greymon and defeats the ferocious monster. Matt and Izzy find their crests.

Episode 19: The Prisoner of the Pyramid
Answering an e-mail plea for help, the kids learn the secret of the DigiWorld-it's actually a computer program, and everything in it (including the kids) are just data given form. This knowledge makes Tai feel invulnerable-his real body is safe in the real world. The kids find the source of the e-mail, Datamon, a robot who's been held prisoner by Etemon for years. The kids free Datamon, but he turns on them and kidnaps Sora and Biyomon before fleeing. Tai starts to go after them, but he hesitates when Izzy warns him that any damage he takes in the DigiWorld will affect his real body. Datamon escapes with Sora and Biyomon.

Episode 20: The Earthquake of MetalGreymon
The kids go after Datamon, who has kidnapped Sora and Biyomon. While the others provide a diversion, Tai and Agumon enter his pyramid, where he's trying to make a copy of Sora. Tai and Sora are able to get away when Etemon and his forces burst in to attack Datamon. Datamon tries to drop Etemon into a black pit, but he, the pyramid, and Etemon's forces are dragged in, too. Etemon manages to escape and prepares to attack the kids. Fortunately, Greymon successfully digivolves to his ultimate form, Metalgreymon, and is powerful enough to defeat Etemon. But as he does so, he and Tai are dragged into the black pit-a dimensional rift.

Myotismon Saga:

Episode 21: Home Away From Home
Tai and Koromon are pulled through the rift and find themselves back on Earth . Tai goes home and visits his little sister, Kari, who seems to be aware of the DigiWorld. He also discovers that evil Digimon are taking advantage of the rift and creating chaos on Earth. Koromon digivolves to Agumon in order to battle the dreaded Ogremon and then returns to the DigiWorld to help his friends. Although Tai wishes he could stay with Kari, he follows Agumon back, too.

Episode 22: Forget About it
Tai and Agumon return to the DigiWorld, where they look for their friends. They find Tokomon, who tells them that the other kids split up to look for them. He and T.K. met up with a new Digimon, Demidevimon, who seemed to be a friend but caused the two to have an angry fight and go their separate ways. Tai, Agumon and Tokomon find T.K. and Demidevimon, and Tai tries to get T.K. and Tokomon to make up. Demidevimon senses he's losing his influence over T.K. and tries to get the others to eat some mushrooms of forgetfulness, but they're warned off by a mysterious female voice (Sora). Realizing that Demidevimon isn't a true friend, Tokomon digivolves to Patamon and drives him off.

Episode 23: WereGarurumon's Diner
Matt and Gabumon find Joe slaving away in the kitchen of Vegiemon to pay for his meal. But a series of mishaps keeps Joe even deeper in debt. Joe doesn't know that DemiDevimon has ordered Vegiemon to keep Joe working there forever! Just in time, Tai and T.K. arrive and reveal DemiDevimon as an evil Digimon. A battle ensues, with Joe sacrificing himself to save T.K. as Gabumon digivolves first to Garurumon, then to WereGarurumon. The evil Digimons are defeated as the boys resume their search for Mimi and the others.

Episode 24: No Questions, Please
Searching for Gennai, Izzy and Tentomon find themselves trapped and suddenly fall beneath the surface into a bottomless pit. Vademon tricks Izzy into giving up his curiosity and his worldly possessions and brings Izzy's Tag and Crest to DemiDevimon. Tentomon feels that he is losing Izzy and de-digivolves into Motimon, who helps Izzy retrieve his Tag and Crest as well as his curiosity, then Motimon digivolves to MegaKabuterimon, who defeats Vademon. Izzy and Tentomon are thrust back to the surface where they find Matt, T.K., Tsumonon and Patamon.

Episode 25: Princess Karaoke
Tai, Joe and their Digimon companions track Mimi to a gigantic fortress where she's being treated like a princess by frog-like beings called Gekomon. The Gekomon are convinced that only Mimi's singing can awaken their master, ShogunGekomon. Mimi strings them along, never quite awakening the sleeping giant. When Tai and Joe call her a spoiled brat she has them all thrown into a dungeon. Finally, in a nightmare, Mimi sees what she's become. She begs everyone's forgiveness and awakens ShogunGekomon, a destructive behemoth who was better left in a coma. It takes an appearance by Metal Greymon to put the brute back to sleep.

Episode 26: Sora's Crest of Love
The reunited children find a very emotional Sora, who explains that DemiDevimon told her that her Crest of Love would never glow because she never had love in her life. When DemiDevimon sees all the children together, he and Myotismon attack. However, since Sora realizes her mother did love her, and was only trying to protect her, her Crest begins to glow. Birdramon digivolves to Garudamon and defeats Myotismon. But before the children get too comfortable, the voice of Myotismon tells them they are about to meet their doom!

Episode 27: The Gateway Home
The kids and their Digimon must battle a whole horde of Demidevimon's minions in order to try and protect the "chosen child," who Myotismon is plotting to capture.

Episode 28: It's All in the Cards
Myotismon finds his way into the real world, slamming the portal shut behind him. The kids and their Digimon must get to the chosen child before Myotismon does, and in order to do so, they have to unlock the portal by figuring out how to use the special cards which they were given.

Episode 29: Return to Highton View Terrace

Myotismon creates fake crests that react when the eighth digivice is near. Meanwhile the kids remember how they once lived in Highton View Terrace but moved out during a terrorist attack that was really caused by the digimon battling.

Episode 30: Almost Home Free
The kids spend their subway fare on food and are stuck, until Sora's cousin picks them up, but Gesomon forces them to fight back and blow their cover. Will MyotisMon find them!?

Episode 31: The Eighth Digivice
The mystery involving the eighth child continues to unfold. Are Tai's suspicions correct? A chase ensues for the lost digidevice, making things even more complicating.

Episode 32: Gatomon Comes Calling
The chase for the eighth child is on! Tai and the gang have to hustle in order to find the child before Myotismon and his minions. But can they overcome the dangerous monsters Myotismon has put in their way?

Episode 33: Out on the Town
As they keep searching for the 8th child, Matt, T.K. and Gabumon run into Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, two of Myotismon's henchmen. Angered by their buffoonery, Myotismon turns on his henchmen, leaving him vulnerable to the kids and their Digimon.

Episode 34: The Eighth Child Revealed
The mystery of Gatomon's past gets unraveled, bringing about astonishing revelations about the 8th digidestined child. With Myotismon closing in, Tai and Agumon must act fast, but will their efforts be enough to save the child and Gatomon?

Episode 35: Flower Power
Myotismon's desire to find the 8th child grows stronger as he sicks his Phantomon on the kids. With things looking bleak, can a fully-digivolved Togemon save the day?

Episode 36: City Under Seige
The kids and their Digimon continue in their fierce battle with Myotismon, who is determined to capture the 8th child. Will Kari make the ultimate sacrifice in order to stop the suffering?

Episode 37: Wizardmon's Gift
A weary Wizardmon proves his friendship to the kids by giving them what they need to defeat Myotismon. But will their combined efforts be enough to take him down?

Episode 38: Prophecy
Gennai unearths a cryptic prophecy which could lead to the salvation of the Real and Digiworlds.

Episode 39: The Battle For Earth
The kids' Digimon must warp to their ultimate levels to bring down the powerful Venom Myotismon. Little do they know their efforts will lead them on yet another important adventure...

Dark Masters Saga:

Episode 40: Enter the Dark Masters
The digi-destined are hurled back into the Digital World where they learn of four Dark Masters who are planning to take over the Digital World. The kids and their Digimon partners are challenged by the Masters. Will their combined strength be enough to defeat them?

Episode 41: Sea-Sick and Tired
Hungry and lost, the group is suddenly attacked by Metal Seadramon's henchmen. Tai wonders if their Digimon partners have developed enough to defeat the Dark Masters.

Episode 42: Under Pressure
The group and Whamon have to use all their wits to fend off Metal Seadramon 's henchmen. Can the team, led by the powerful War Greymon, finally defeat Metal Seadramon?

Episode 43: Playing Games
The kids find themselves in a mysterious forest where the evil Dark Master Puppetmon manipulates them.

Episode 44: Trash Day
Puppetmon preys on Matt's insecurities and sets up a trap designed to have Metal Garurumon and War Greymon destroy each other.

Episode 45: The Ultimate Clash
Puppetmon's scheme to divide the digidestined comes to a head when Metal Garurumon squares off against War Greymon. Will the group be able to re-unite before their most powerful Digimon destroy each other?


Episode 46: Etemon's Comeback Tour
Heading towards Puppetmon's mansion, the children stumble upon some old enemies - Ogremon & the fully evolved MetalEtemon!

Episode 47: Ogremon's Honor
Joe and Mimi meet up with Leomon, who Digivolved into Saber Leomon while they were gone from the Digiworld. They arrived at the restaurant where Joe and Matt were forced to work. Metal Etemon appears again and battles Leomon. He is defeated, but Leomon is fatally wounded, too. Before he dies, he tells the children that he will be reborn in Primary Village. Meanwhile, the other children were doing thier best against Puppetmon, but it looked like a losing battle until Metal Garurumon appeared and defeated the evil Digimon.

Episode 48: My Sisters Keeper
Kari has a relapse of her cold, so Izzy and Tai go out looking for medicine. Machine Dramon is able to locate them through Izzy's computer and sends his Metal Empire Army after them. Once Izzy realizes how they are being located, he uses a program that hides thier location and simply begins bombing the whole area. The children fall into a huge pit and are separated.

Episode 49: The Crest Of Light
Kari, T.K and Sora find themselves in a huge sewer and search for the others. But instead of Izzy and Tai, they find WereMonzaemon, who is acting as a slave driver over a bunch of Numemon. Kari and Gotomon free the Nuumemon while the other Digimon attept to distract WereMonzaemon. Although they're tired, Kari's light rivives them, and they defeat the evil digimon and countinue to search for Tai and Izzy. The children are reunited, but Machine Dramon finds them and attacks. Agumon Digivolves into WereGreymon and defeats Machine Dramon.

Episode 50: Joes Battle
After defeating Machine Dramon, the children find the castle of the last of the Dark Masters. There they are faced with Lady devimon, and the Digimon Digivolve one after another. Knowing that all thier strength will be needed for the battle with Piedmon, Tai sends Sora and T.K. to search for Matt and the others. Meanwhile, Mimi and Joe arrive at the ruins of Primary Village and are saddened to find many Digimon turned to stone. There they met Elecmon, who had found Matt's harmonic on the beach. Joe decides to follow Matt andand with Gomamon, sets off across the sea. back at the castle, Lady Devimon is finally defeated and Piedmon appears.


Episode 51: The Crest of Friendship

Tai and the others finally arrive at Piedmon's Castle on the top of Spiral Mountain. Meanwhile, Matt and Gabumon are wandering in the dark cave created by the darkness in Matt's heart. but with Gabumon's encouragement, Matt realizes his true feelings and the cave disappears. Matt is reunited with Joe, but as they head for Spiral Mountain they find T.K., who tells them that Sora has fallen into a cave - the same cave that Matt had been in. While the others persuade her that she doesn't have the be responsible for everything, Sora's Negative feelings disappear, and so does the cave. They hurry back to the castle to find an injured Tai and WarGreymon fighting Piedmon. Matts Crest of Friendship brings them back from the brink of death, and the two Megas attack the enemy.


Episode 52: Piedmon's Last Jest
Just when all the Digimon are attacking, Piedmon brings out a white handkerchief and turns Tai, Matt, WarGreymon and Metal Garurumon into dolls. The other children run away, but they can't escape Piedmon. One after the other, they are turned to dolls untill only T.K and Kari remain. Just when T.K. is about to give up hope, the doll of matt which he has been holding encourages him to keep fighting. His Crest of Hope glows and Angemon Digivolves into Holy Angemon and revives the other children and Digimon. Holy Angemon defeats Piedmon, but before they can begin celebrating, the children recieve and e-mail from Gennai informing them that the Dark Masters were not the true threat of the Digiworld.

Episode 53: Apocalymon Now
The children fall into an endless world of darkness. All the negative energy coalesces into one being and it comes at them, using the attacks of all the Digimon the children fought in the past. The Digimon devolve and the children lose thier tags and crests. then, everyone is broken down into data. The children are at a loss, but the Digimon encourage them and they regain hope. Thier chests begin to glow with the shapes of thier crests and the Digimon Digivolve to their Highest forms. Before thier eyes is the enemy Digimon.

Episode 54: The Fate Of Two Worlds
It seems they have defeated the evil Digimon, but with his dying breath he threatens to take the whole world with him. Determined not to give up, the children fight on. and thier crests seal the enemy, saving the Digi world from destruction. Although the children wish to stay longer in the Digiworld, Gennai tells them that unless they return home now they will be erased during the reconstruction of the Digiworld. Saying goodbye to thier Digimon, the children retured home.

Season 2: Adventure 02 (55-104)(1-50)

The Digimon Emperor Saga:

Episode 55: Enter Flamedramon
Three years after the adventures of the eight digidestine, Tai, Matt, Joe, Mimi, Sora, Kari, TK, and Izzy, the real world and the DigiWorld is at peace once again.......until there was a new villian appears. His name is the Digimon Emperor, and his goal is the conquest of the DigiWorld and be able to countrol all of Digimon. Tai and Agumon tried their best against the Digimon Emperor, but the power to evolve had been locked away and it looked like there was no hope. The battle has begun, and they have chosen new "Chosen Children" that can defeat the plans of the Digimon Emperor. The "Chosen Children" are: T.K., Kari, Yolei, Davis, and Cody. Davis is the first one to get his digimon, Veemon which can armor digivolve to flamedramon.

Epiosde 56: The Digiteam Complete
Davis and the others saved the Digital World and returned to the real world. Seeing how excited Davis was at his first victory, Yolei discontent at not being able to go to the Digital World grew. Then the next day, Yolei, Cody and Davis, TK, and Kari along with Izzy and Sora as guides, went to the digital world. It seemed like a picnic to Yolei and she was very excited. But the Digimon Emperor had been waiting for her and suddenly began attacking. Davis was defeated and captured by the Digimon Emperor. When all she was able to do was leave Davis and run away, Yolei realized the harsh reality of the Digital World. Now Yolei have to overcome her fear of fighting and save Davis. The new Chosen Children's first trial is upon them! On their way trying to find Davis, they stop by at a temple. Cody and Yolei got their Digimon , Hawkmon Which can digivolve to Halsemon and Armadilliomon which can digivolve into Digmon. They went out to continue finding Davis and save Davis and Veemon before the Digimon Emperor can put the back belt on Veemon.

Episode 57: A New Digitude
First Davis, now Cody and Yolei have the power to fight the Digimon Emperor. But T.K.'s and Kari's partner Digimon, Patamon and Gatomon, can't fight because because of the seal the Black Digivice placed on evolution! As if to ridicule their lack of power, the Digimon Emperor concentrated his attack on Patamon and Gatomon. With Davis and the others protecting them, all they could do was run away. T.K.'s and Kari's hearts were filled with chagrin and despair. Then they looked deep in the cave they were hiding in and found two Digieggs, one marked with the Crest of Light and one with the Crest of Hope..When they lift the digieggs, their digivice turn into news one. Patamon and Gatomon armor digivolved to Pegasusmon and Nefertimon and fight Tyrannomon.

Episode 58: Iron Veggiemon
In order to save the Digimon from his dominion, Davis and the others began battling the Digimon Emperor. But, as if sneering at their efforts, the Digimon Emperor used his Black Digivice and Evil Ring to further expand his territory. Then another town fell into the Digimon Emperor's hands. With a fearless smile on his face and the Dark Tower at his back, the Digimon Emperor looked down upon the village. With their town surrounded by the Digimon Emperor's minions, the villagers had no choice but to obey his command. There was just one among them who watched for the Digimon Emperor's weakness, Matt's digimon counterpart, Gabumon. Gabumon planned to lead the villagers away while the Digimon Emperor was away from the village. But what awaited him was Red Veggiemon's torture rack! Would Gabumon's SOS reach Davis and the others and Matt?

Episode 59: Old Reliable
In the frozen wasteland of the North, an unknown sound echoed. There the Digimon Emperor forced the Gizamon to build him a huge prison. When Gomamon opposed the cruel plan, the Digimon Emperor attacked him. Sensing Gomamon's danger, Jou threw down his test and ran to the computer room. In contrast, Cody let his kendo practice take precedence over the Digimon World.. Seeing Jou, will Cody realize what he needs to do? A hot battle has begun in an icy world!

Episode 60: Family Picnic
Today the computer club is going on a picnic. With their lunches packed and their bags over their shoulders they head for.. huh? The Digital World!? Using Golden Week as an excuse, the children decided to go to the Digital World on a picnic. All the regular members, plus Mimi, just back from America, were all getting into a picnic mode. They spread out their lunches and passed the time, but one thing led to another and something unexpected happened.. A strong enemy? The beautiful brotherly love of the Gokimon Brothers vs. the new combination of Yolei and Mimi! A storm of pink may be about to descend on the Digital World! (Since many of you asked, the pink haired girl shown with Davis is Mimi)

Episode 61: Guardian Angel
The children fought to liberate the Full Metal City from the Digimon Emperor. But as they were trying to escape from the enemy's attack, they were caught in an explosion and Kari and Gatomon were left alone in the Digital World! The two of them fought bravely against an army of Guardromon. Feeling responsible for being unable to protect Kari, Davis and T.K. hurried back to the Digital World. But just as they met up once again with Kari a new enemy appeared before them! It was their old friend Andromon, now controlled by the Evil Ring.. On the Digimon Emperor's orders Andromon attacked Kari! Did the Evil Ring deprive him even of the precious memories he had? Kati's bitter scream echoed through the Full Metal City!

Episode 62: The Digimon Emperor's Loneliness
At a soccer meet, Davis's was up against the boy genius everyone had been talking about, Ken Ichijouji. When Davis's slide prevented Ken from scoring, they both shook hands and admited each other's talent, but... After the game a Dark Tower suddenly appeared in Death Valley, the valley of death. When Davis and the others went to investigate, they fell right into the Digimon Emperor's fearsome trap! Davis's friends were taken hostage and there was nothing he could do to resist. The Digimon Emperor toyed with Davis, a ruthless smile on his face. But for some reason on the Digimon Emperor's right leg was the same bruise that Davis had given Ken...!? The Digimon Emperor's true identity is finally revealed! Now the Digital world must get past a new attack...!! "You hurt my pride..., it's only natural that you should feel the same pain..."

Episode 63: The Evil Ring's Magic Runs Wild
The Digimon Emperor's true identity had finally been revealed. The face that appeared under the mask was... the boy genius, Ken! Davis and the others were in shock from this unsuspected revelation. Meanwhile, Ken left behind the real world for good and began taking over more and more of the Digital World! In order to attain the power needed to control all of the Digital World, Ken went after a certain Digimon. That Digimon was... Tai's Agumon!! Using the Evil Ring, Ken filled Agumon with the power of darkness to make him evolve into Metal Greymon. But the evil power was too great and caused Agumon to go wild, resulting in unexpected consequences...! "I have no more use for this world... Good-bye insects."

Episode 64: The Enemy Is MetalGreymon
The power of the Digimon Emperor's Black Digivice caused Agumon to run wild and evolve into Skull Greymon. After destroying as much as possible, his strength was drained and he returned to Agumon. While Kari screamed after him, he was once again taken away by the Digimon Emperor. Agumon had fallen into the enemy's hands. Before their eyes was the destructive power of a Ultimate Digimon. The children's hearts were shaken as the harsh reality was thrust before their eyes. Tai came along with the children to the Digital World, would that be enough to save Agumon? But the Digimon Emperor continued his evil research to be able to control Agumon and finally...!? "It's useless to speak to him. He's no longer your partner Digimon. He's my slave."

Episode 65: Blue Lightning, Raidramon
The only way to get Agumon back was to fight with all their strength. Matt's fist brought Tai back to his senses and they decided to confront Metal Greymon. But meanwhile, Daisuke was... In order to save Agumon from the magic of the Evil Spiral, the children turned and fought Metal Greymon, even as they themselves were being run down and wounded. But...Daisuke wasn't with them. Too afraid of hurting Agumon, Daisuke was unable to give Buimon orders to attack. Since all Buimon could do was run away Metal Greymon focused his attack on him! Then Patamon protected Buimon and...!? The second Armor Evolution was revealed! When Daisuke saw this act of true friendship, lightning flashed and drove away the darkness...!! "Daisuke! Don't worry about us, go after Metal Greymon!

Episode 66: Duel on the Digimon Meadow
Sora received an SOS from Piyomon on her Digivice. She immediately set off with Daisuke and the others to the Digital World. But what awaited them when they arrived on the other side of the Digital Gate was a smoke filled Western town... Orders were given to arrest Piyomon on sight. After Sora and the others came Starmon, the self-styled "Officer of Justice." Then the ladies man Revolmon, the self-styled "Gunman of Justice," appeared and things got even more confusing! The heroic gunfight between Starmon and Revolmon unfolded in the Western town! No matter who wins, there will only be trouble. What will the outcome of this duel be...!? "Play time is over. Now it's time to punish you."

Episode 67: Dagomon's Call
These images kept getting mixed up with reality. Even while filled with uncertainty and disgust, Kari's heart was little by little caught by these images that were neither dreams nor reality. She realized that this was someone or something's desperate attempt to contact her. She also realized that it was a call she couldn't resist... A dark Digimon myth that tells of the early arrival of Summer! What is it that awaits Kari in this strange village, where the legend of an ancient god casts its shadow...!? "I might disappear from here..."

Episode 68: Shurimon's Hurricane
Miyako and the others go to the Digital World in search of a new Digimental. They were all getting really tired when they happened to see a restaurant. But their elation was short lived when they discovered that it was the same place where three years ago Jou and Yamato had been forced to work by Digitamamon! Since Digitamamon's diner only accepted payment in dollars and the children had none, he thought they were trying to eat and run. Just when it looked like he was going to make them work off their bill, Mimi and an American Chosen Child, Michael, showed up and they were able to get out of trouble. But Miyako just couldn't calm down and once she heard of Digitamamon's past evil deeds, she began to doubt him more and more... There they were, Mimi earnestly believing Digitamamon, and Miyako unable to quell her doubts. Would Miyako be able to inherit the Crest of Purity...!?

Episode 69: Shurimon's Martial Arts
Gleaming swords, flying sparks. Two ninjas run through the picture of old Tokyo. Neither the Dark Tower nor the Kaizer matter in this duel. Staking their pride as ninjas, they pit their techniques against each other. Now the fight begins! Shurimon's rival, Igamon, makes his appearance!! A heroic ninja battle unfolds on the stage of this Edo village. Will it be Shurimon who wins the title of true shuriken master, or...!?

Episode 70: Submarinemon's Escape from the Bottom of the Ocean
The kids go to an oil field at the bottom of the ocean in search of a new Digimental. Cody goes to find the Digimental, but MetalSeadramon attack them! Although the kids escape MetalSeadramon's onslaught, they are trapped in a cave at the bottom of the ocean. Cody feels bad that the other kids forced Cody into an escape pod leaving the others behind, and he goes to Joe for help. But Joe is in the middle of an exam and must lie to get out of the exam center...

Episode 71: Odiaba Memorial
It was written in their notebook in red ink: August 1st, Memorial Day. It was supposed to be a normal day, but by chance and destiny, everything started that day. An adventure that continues on to the future. It's a day that they will never forget. It's a day that they can never forget. Odaiba Memorial.

Episode 72: Attack the Digimon Emperor
After a long silence, the Digimon Emperor resumes his plan tp take over the Digital World. Daisuke and the others plan their strategy to counter the Digimon Emperor. The pressure to fight causes confusion in Miyako's heart. She ends up becoming lost due to the tension. Even worse, Hawkmon becomes poisoned.

Episode 73: Chimeramon, the Evil Combined Beast
Chimeramon is a beast that is the result of an evil experiment. He has Kabuterimon's head, Metal Greymon's hair, Greymon's body, Garurumon's legs, Monochromon's tail, Angemon and Airdramon's wings, and SkullGreymon, Kuwagamon, and Devimon's arms. To make Chimeramon an Ultimate, the Digimon Emperor used Devimon's evil powers. TK, who knows well about the dark powres of Devimon, fights the Digimon Emperor with all his might. Will TK succeed in stopping the Digimon Emperor?

Episode 74: Super Digivolution
Chimeramon finally appeared with his unbelievable destructive strength, he started turning the Digital World to ashes. To stop him, Daisuke and the others has to find the moving fortress. But just before they reach it, Chimeramon appears before them! Will Daisuke and the others be any match for Chimeramon? And what about Wormmon, the Digimon Emperor's Digimon?

Episode 75: Goodbye Ken
With the Golden Digimental, Veemon digivolved into Magnamon. Magnamon battles with Chimeramon, but is his light of hope powerful enough to defeat the darkness of Chimeramon? Magnamon uses up all his power and is deep trouble. He is saved by none other than Wormmon! In order to save Ken from the darkness, the real Ken and not the Digimon Kaiser, Wormmon fights Chimeramon. But will Wormmon be able to rack Ken's heart?

Episode 76: Brave Evolution! XV-Mon
With the threat of the Digimon Kaizer gone, peace returned to the Digital World. The scars the Kaizer left were deep, but the Digimon were optimistic about the restoration. Using their own special skills, the children each helped out in rebuilding the land and at long last a cheery atmosphere enveloped the Digital World. But there were two faces missing...Daisuke and V-mon. Both depressed over how well Takeru and Patamon got along with Hikari and Tailmon, they got together and tried to figure out what they could do to make themselves look cool. Their plan was...to evolve to Champion!! With the ulterior motive of raising Hikari's and Tailmon's opinions of them, Daisuke and V-mon began training to evolve. Will they be able to evolve...into Ultra Angemon!? "I thought you were going to turn into Ultra Angemon!"

Episode 77: When the Digivice is Infected with Darkness
With the help of Davis and the others, peace was restored to the Digital World. Meanwhile, Ken was... Ken had been quietly sleeping ever since his return from the Digital World. Although his parents called to him he didn't respond, he just continued to sleep deeply. In his exhausted heart, memories of when he was younger rose like bubbles and then disappeared. His genius older brother of whom he had been so proud. How he felt so small and worthless. How his parents cared only for his brother. The Digivice that suddenly appeared one day. And then... In a maze with no exit, Ken continued to search for his own heart, for his true self. What was waiting for him there...? "I'm empty. I don't know where my heart has gone."

Episode 78: Armored Ankylomon of the Earth
In accepting his past, Ken Ichijouji was returned to his true self and reunited with Wormmon. But then, as if to steal away the small peace they had finally achieved, a strange woman appeared before Ken and Wormmon! Meanwhile, while Cody tried to restore the Digital World, his anger towards Ken grew stronger and stronger as he witnessed the scars the Emperor had left on the land. As if to strike while his heart was unguarded, Thunderballmon appeared and began to attack! This was the first time Cody had fought a Digimon who was not controlled by an Evil Ring and he wavered about what to do. A mysterious green warrior saved Cody from danger... A new enemy. Tangled emotions. Full of mystery, the true battle is finally about to begin...!! "Why on Earth did that guy save me?"

Episode 79: Acquillamon, Warrior of the Sky
The mysterious Digimon who saved Cody was Wormmon's evolved form, Stingmon. Davis believed Ken's change of heart was for real and tried his best to accept Ken as an ally. But the reaction of Yolei and the others was somewhat different. There was still some part of their hearts that couldn't quite believe Ken. It was then that they received an SOS from the Digital World. Golemon had suddenly appeared and began to destroy the dam! Yolei and the others hurried to the Digital World in order to stop him, but Golemon wasn't even phazed by their half hearted attacks. In order to protect the village downstream they'd have to destroy Golemon for real...just as Ken had done to Thunderballmon!! Unable to destroy Golemon or to protect the dam, Yolei agonized over what to do. What awaited her at the end of this endless battle...!? "Why was he able to do it? Because he knew there was no other choice? Are we too naive...?"

Episode 80: Jogress Evolution, Two Hearts as One
The Digimon that Ken had destroyed turned out to be Dark Towers that the mysterious woman had transformed. Ken once again apologized to the other children for his actions as the Emporer, but he turned down Davis's invitation to join them and went off on his own. He wanted to make up for his crimes on his own... Ken. The mysterious woman who could turn Dark Towers into Digimon. Still unable to sort out their feelings as more and more truths were revealed, the children continued their reconstrucion. But then as if to deal a final blow to the children, a new crisis encroached upon the Digital World. Dark energy was running wild and would soon cause a huge explosion! Learning that the Crest of Kindness was needed to stop this explosion, Davis emailed Ken. But Ken's answer...never came. Although Cody and the others could not quite put aside their distrust of Ken, Davis continued to wait for him. Will Ken be able to live up to Davis's confidence? When their two hearts are as one, there will be a miraculous evolution...!? "No, that's not it! You just don't realize it!"

Episode 81: Invincible Fusion! Paildramon
In order to make up for his crimes himself, in order to restore the Digital World with his own hands, Ken prepared himself for death and went alone to face a reckless battle. It was Davis's shout of "Live!" that stopped him. For himself, for those he held dear, Ken decided to live and atone for his crimes. At that instant, when Ken's and Davis's desires were as one, XV-mon and Stingmon jogress evolved, and the ultimate warrior, Paildramon, was born! With an Ultimate Digimon, Ookuwamon, as his opponent, Paildramon showed off his overwhelming strength. In order to stop the rampaging powers of darkness, the children hurried for the center of the explosion. Would they be able to save the Digital World from this crisis!? And what is the great secret behind the children's adventure that will finally be made clear...!? "Don't you think it's cool? That's our partner Digimon!"

Episode 82: The Insect Master's Trap
Paildramon's actions had saved the Digital World from its crisis. Having gained this new power of Jogress Evolution, Davis and the others were in high spirits. But they didn't know that the mysterious woman, who burned with anger, had set a terrible trap that would bury them... Having received an invitation via email from the mysterious woman, Davis and the others arrived at a bizarre mansion where both the building and the furniture were ten times normal size. There they found Ken, who had also received a similar email. In order to settle things once and for all with the mysterious woman, Davis and Ken, knowing the danger, went to scout out the mansion. Tired of being treated like a little kid, Cody followed after them with mixed feelings. Upon their entrance, an army of Gokimon attacked the three children. At the same time a swarm of Flymon attacked T.K.'s group waiting outside. Divided the children were forced into a hard battle! But that was only a small prologue to the terror that awaited them...!! "How reckless, to come knowing it's a trap."

Episode 83: Arukenimon the Spider Woman's Mistake
Davis and the others received an invitation from the mysterious woman and, knowing the danger, entered the Giga House, a giant mansion. But what was waiting there for them was a trap far more terrible than they had imagined. Able to freely control insect Digimon, the mysterious woman attacked the children. Even worse, Digmon and Stingmon fell under her control and began to attack XV-mon! Cody was shaken by the shock of having his partner Digimon stolen away from him. But his desperate cries were unable to reach Digmon. Separated from their partners, Davis and the others were caught in the spider's web as Dokugumon's poison fangs got closer and closer. Will they be able to survive this desperate situation? Does Yolei's program hold the key to reversing the odds...!? "Stop, Digmon! Please, come to your senses!"

Episode 84: Ultimate Anti-Hero
With a magnificent show of co-operation, the children defeated Arukenimon's trap. But although they had acknowledged each other's strength, the relationship between Cody and Ken was still somewhat strained. Cody couldn't forgive Ken for being the Emperor. Afraid of disturbing the balance of their teamwork, Ken tried to leave on his own. Davise and Yolei tried their best to bring them closer, but it didn't work. Meanwhile, the defeated Arukenimon was filled with rage and in an attempt to put an end to the children once and for all, she began to bring forth a dark Mega Digimon. Combining many Dark Towers together, she infused them with unlimited darkness. That Digimon's name was...Black War Greymon!! His power was a match for that of War Greymon! That great warrior who had saved the children so many times now stood before them as the most evil barrier!! The children couldn't keep pace. W as there some way they could stand against his overwhelming power...!? "Bring forth a menacing Digital Monster who can defeat the DigiDestined and bring destruction to this Digital World!!"


Episode 85: Opposites Attract
It was a total defeat. The gap between Black War Greymon's strength and their own was too large. In order to raise their potential even a little, the children decided they needed Gatomon's lost Holy Ring. Yolei and Kari separated from Davis and the others in order to search for the Holy Ring. On the way they happened across Ken and he joined up with them. But as they proceeded through the forest, they unwittingly set foot in a strange dimension. Ken feared the sense of darkness creeping up on them. Kari felt the same and tried to encourage him. Seeing the two, and feeling that she alone was left out, Yolei became hardheaded and began acting rashly. But that only made the situation worse...!? "But I was always envious."

Episode 86: If I Only Had a Heart
Following in the footsteps of Davis and Ken, Yolei and Kari were successful in a second jogress evolution. Meanwhile having left Archnemon, Black War Greymon continued to roam aimlessly through the Digital World feeling unfulfilled. Why had he been made? What was his purpose? Knowing that he was just a thing that had been created, Black War Greymon was filled with doubt as he went from one battle to the next. But no matter how fierce the battle it couldn't fill void in his chest, rather it just caused the emptiness to grow. It was then that Tai's partner, Agumon, appeared before Black War Greymon. Knowing that Black War Greymon was struggling with himself, Agumon tried to get him to open his heart. What will this fatefull meeting with Agumon hold for Black War Greymon? And what is the Holy Stone that holds the key to the fate of the Digital World...!? "What's the point of a lifeless being like me having a heart?"

Episode 87: A Chance Encounter
Taking a short break from her duties as one of the DigiDestined, Yolei left Poromon in Izzy's care while she went on a class trip to Kyoto and enjoyed some freedom for the first time in months. Sight seeing and eating and buying souveniers, Yolei was able to forget about fighting and fully enjoy Kyoto. But then a warp suddenly appeared before her eyes...and none other than Black War Greymon, who should have been in the Digital World, appeared! Bringing hordes of Digimon with him, Black War Greymon paraded through Kyoto like a mid-day apparition. Wondering what was going on, Yolei followed after the Digimon. What was the meaning behind the appearance of the Digimon in the real world? Then Yolei met some unexpected people...!? "I've heard about you, from my brother."

Episode 88: Destiny in Doubt
Still not understanding the reason why he did it, Black War Greymon continued to destroy the Holy Stones. But in the instant that he destroyed the third Holy Stone, the form of an unknown Digimon appeared in a dimensional warp. It was the first time he'd felt such strength...at that instant Black War Greymon knew that this Digimon was the reason he was destroying the Holy Stones. Meanwhile, in an attempt to restore the balance of the Digital World, the children tried to find the next Holy Stone before Black War Greymon could get to it. On their way, they heard from Gabumon that Black War Greymon had a heart and Cody was in shock. When Cody wavered, T.K. told it to him straight. Any Digimon born through the powers of darkness must be destroyed. Black War Greymon tried to destroy the Holy Stone in hopes of fighting the mysterious Digimon. But T.K., with anger in his heart towards the powers of darkness, stood in his way. What would happen in this battle at the Holy Stone...!? "There's no way I can withdraw...I'm...I'm going to fight him!"

Episode 89: Cody Takes a Stand
I want to fight that Digimon... With this feeling like a thirst in his chest, Black War Greymon continued to destroy the Holy Stones. Even Holy Angemon couldn't stand against his overwhelming strength. In order to protect the few remaining Holy Stones from Black War Greymon, Davis proposed calling Ken to his house for a meeting. Yolei and Kari were all for it and they all agreed meet at Davis's house, except for T.K. who declined the invitation and went off on his own. The normally gentle T.K. and the fierce T.K. who opposed the powers of darkness. There was such a difference between the two that Cody was confused. Finally, after much thought, he took Upamon and went to visit T.K.'s brother Matt. In order to know more about T.K., in order to understand T.K., Cody bombarded Matt with his questions. Matt began to tell him about T.K.'s past, but what would Cody make of it all...? "I want to know more about T.K."

Episode 90: Stone Soup
Shaking off Cody's persuasions, Black War Greymon destroyed the sixth Holy Stone. Now there was only one remaining. The battle that will decide the fate of the Digital World has finally begun! That's what was supposed to happen anyway... The children set out to defend the final Holy Stone. After following Black War Greymon's trail, they arrived at...the Digital World's China Town! A delicious aroma invited them into a Chinese restaurant. But as it happened, Mummymon and Archnemon had also stopped there to eat ramen, too. Would something terrible happen...? A ramen battle suddenly broke out in the Digital World! Would Cody and T.K. be able to figure out the secret of the mysterious soup and successfully jogress evolve...!? "We won't be able to jogress evolve and defeat Black War Greymon unless we stock up on energy...let's have some ramen."

Episode 91: Kyoto Dragon
Cody and T.K. were finally able to jogress evolve. Black War Greymon was after the final Holy Stone, but all three jogress forms, Paildramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon, stood in his way! The children fought with all their strength to protect the Digital World. But Black War Greymon was also staking his reason for living on this and wouldn't back down. Each time he was wounded, he would tenaciously rise again and little by little the children were overwhelmed. In addition, Mummymon and Arukenimon were also causing trouble and the children were facing the a life or death crisis! Would the children be able to protect the Holy Stone and the Digital World itself!? And what is the true form of the mysterious Digimon that Black War Greymon has been chasing!? Now a hidden truth about the Digital World will be made clear...!! "I'll destroy the Holy Stones!! Only then will I find my answers!!"

Episode 92: A Very Digi Christmas
With the help of Azulomon, the Digital World was no longer in danger of collapsing. The children knew what their duty was and began once again to destroy the Dark Towers. Then finally when it looked like the Digital World was at peace at last... With some prodding from Wormmon, Ken sent out an envelope. It was an invitation to a Christmas party being held at Ken's house. Davis, Yolei, T.K., Kari, and even Cody were invited. Ken was a little nervous, but each of the children accepted the invitation with a different expression on their face. The streets of Odaiba were decorated for Christmas and it seemed like everyone would enjoy the holy night. Finally it was the 24th, Christmas Eve. Before they went to Ken's house, the children opened the Digital Port. They had secretly come up with a plan for a present to thank Tai and the others for all their help. That present was...!? "Hehe, I wonder if they'll like it!?"

Episode 93: Dramon Power
A sudden scream shattered the peaceful Christmas Eve. Just as had happened three years before, the Digimon once again appeared in the streets of Odaiba, causing a panic. Davis and the others managed to return the Digimon to the Digital World, and it looked as if everything had been taken care of, but... When the dawn broke on Christmas Day, the TV news was filled with urgent stories from around the globe. America, China, Australia. Mysterious monsters were causing great damage everywhere... The Digimon were rioting all over the world! Hearing that Digimon had appeared in Tamachi, too, Davis hurried through the panicked town to Ken's house. The other children gathered at Izzy's to plan their counter attack. Will the children be able to overcome their greatest crisis yet!? The real battle has only just begun...!! "This time people all over the world must join together to stand and fight!"

Episode 94: Digimon World Tour, Part 1
Dark Towers and Digimon suddenly appeared all over the world. Davis and the other Digi-Destined flew off on Imperial Dramon. They met up with their friends waiting for them all over the world in order to save the world from this crisis... In New York they joined with Mimi and Michael and Davise lured the Digimon into Central Park. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong Kari and Izzy, aided by the local children, continued the struggle to return the Digimon to the Digital World. Would Davis' passionate heart succeed in America? What about Izzy's English skills? And would Kari's smile be able to turn the whole world into her slaves? What would the conclusion of this worldwide free-for-all battle bring...!? "Oh, that Digimon, he, not bad Digimon. So, no more attack. Got it?"


Episode 95: Digimon World Tour, Part 2
Joe, and Cody went to Australia and tried to destroy all of the control spires. They encounter a Santa Clause, but he turns out to be "another Genai look alike" and together, they fought against the Digimon who confuse and loss. That's basically it plus they met a few more digidestined. Tai, and T.K. went to Paris, and they were lost. T.K. asked his grandpa to come and help them. When T.K.'s grandpa came, they drove on a motocycle and they stoped in front of the versaille gate. T.K.'s grandpa demanded to go in and investigate what's the reason there is no guard in front of the gates, and that the gates are widely open. They sneaked in and saw three digimon, and a digidestined girl and her partner. They tried to be heros, and scramble in to rescue the girl, then a fight broke out and they won.

Episode 96: Digimon World Tour, Part 3
Ken and Matt chased some escaped Digimons into a Mayan ruin. In the dark tunnel the two met up with a Gotsumon and its owner, a girl. The girl took one look at Ken and immediately had a particular affection for him. Wormmon felt protective over Ken and revolted against the girl. A battle broke out between them...?! Meanwhile in Russia, Yolei and Sora were having some difficulties. They met up with the local DigiDestinends but were unfortunately unable to communicate. Together they battled and Yolei was trying to figure out the answer. The ancient ruins lighted by love and Sora in Russia with a thunderstruck Borcht created fierce battles! What kind of end what those have...?!

Episode 97: Invasion of the Daemon Corps
The digidestined returned to Japan after returning most of the digimon to the Digiworld. Instead of returning to a peaceful Japan, they returned to a Japan in chaos. One by one, all the children in Tokyo were disappearing. Ken sensed an evil force behind this and it reminded him of his distant memories. As if his own fears were answered, evil dark digimon led by Daemon began to invade the real world! Frightened of the shadow of darkness that haunted him, Ken joined up with Davis intent on rescuing everyone. Unfortunately, even Imperialdramon failed against these strong warriors of darkness. Can Ken and Davis hearts beating as one be enough to save these people? What is Ken hiding? What really happened two years ago to him? What was their adventure in the Digital World? And, most importantly, what is Ken's secret?

Episode 98: Dark Sun, Dark Spore
Daemon's corps attacked a peaceful city out of nowhere. Paildramon had to change into fighter mode in order to succeed in his mission, but had to destroy a digimon. This lose weighed down on the digidestined hearts. Just when things looked like they couldn't get any worse, Arukenimon appeared with hostages demanding Ken go with her. Hoping to save Ken, the digidestined followed Arukenimon. Also after the boy Ken, Daemon's Corps destroyed the city without mercy. Silphymon and Shakkoumon tried to stop Daemon's Corps invasion to save lives. Sensing Yolei and Cody's doubts made Daemon's Corps only grow stronger. Will Ladydevimon's foul play be enough to push Yolei off the edge? With the digidestined be able to hold off Daemon's Corps? What is the great mystery hidden deep within Ken?

Episode 99: The Dark Gate
Wanting to save his friend and partner, Davis followed after the truck carrying Ken on Raidramon. As Davis finally began to catch up, Daemon appeared before them. Arukenimon, had by this time, made a copy of the dark seed within Ken and was willing to hand the now useless boy over to Daemon. Davis took this chance to grab his friend, but Daemon was too powerful and Arukenimon escaped with the kidnapped children. Davis tried as hard as he could to fight off Daemon. Yolei and Cody joined in to, but even Imperialdramon was no match for the darkest digimon. Only one option was left seal Daemon up in the dark ocean! In order to save everyone he held dear, Ken attempted to open the gate to the dark ocean on his own. Can Ken overcome his fear of the darkness and open up the gate? Will Davis' screams be heard? The ultimate battle with darkness is drawing nearer...

Episode 100: The Duel of WarGreymon
Davis’s strong desires help open the dark gate and Daemon is forced into the world of darkness. However, the digidestined’s fight is far from over. The dark seed has been transplanted into the children. The worried faces of the parents of the kidnapped children change, as they are now pleased to see their kids again. The children now display high intelligence and a genius IQ. (*cough*Ken when he was evil*cough*) Davis and the other known what will happen to the children if the seeds stay within them. They try to contact each of their homes in order to save them. The parents either don’t believe them, or don’t care. Also, Agumon contacts a depressed Daisuke with surprising information. Blackwargreymon is back! Blackwargreymon searches for Oikawa to find his purpose. Agumon blocks Oikawa and defends him. Afterall, Oikawa has the only information on the dark seed. Now it’s Wargreymon vs Blackwargreymon! Who’s going to win this ultimate clash? And will Blackwargreymon finally learn the secret of his birth?

Episode 101: Black WarGreymon's Destiny
The end of the intense battle, Blackwargreymon walked away with the words of Agumon in his heart. Meanwhile, Yolei was chasing Oikawa step for step but lost him. Ken tried to keep the Seeds of Darkness from being retrieved by Oikawa by talking to the kids. But the power of the Seeds of Darkness has surrounded the kids in evil and they treated Ken coldly. And right in front of Ken's eyes, the Seed of Darkness sprouted!! The Flower of Darkness started to absorb energy, and Oikawa obtained the power of the energy. Will he use the power to release his true demand?! The mystery that surrounds Oikawa's past to be revealed!! The Seed of Darkness is now mine. My true demand shall be granted.

Episode 102: Oikawa's Shame
Oikawa finally obtains the powers of darkness. With Blackwargreymon’s fate, the powerful dark seal is activated, sealing the Digiworld. The children that had the seeds gather in Hikarigaoka Park. Oikawa was about to achieve his dream of using the dark powers of the dark seed to travel to the Digiworld. Davis tries to get the other children back. In Davis’s presence, the gate that should have been sealed by Blackwargreymon opens. After opening the digiport, Oikawa soon comes to an interesting state. Oikawa begins to learn the truth about himself. All the mysteries are revealed. The true enemy appears in front of Davis, reviving unlimited fear. What is this dark force? And is there anything at all that can stop it?

Episode 103: The Last Temptation of the Digidestined
At long last, the final enemy appeared. A horrible fear overwhelms the children and freezes them in their tracks. Only Davis confronts Belialvandemon without total fear. Davis’s courage continues to fight through this hopeless situation. His courage gives some of the digimon power and they are finally able to damage Belialvandemon. But, Belialvandemon fires a strange attack at them and they are captured in light. The digidestined find themselves within their own minds, thoughts and dreams. Wandering in a world of illusions that reflect reality. Will they throw away their courage to fight? A miracle has not been seen yet. Davis’s heart is becoming desperate. This is the final and last battle! All our chances lie on a few chosen children... Can we survive?

Episode 104: A Million Points of Light
Using power to replace thinking, Davis chased down MaloMyotismon. Faced with death, MaloMyotismon escaped again, but first sealed the DigiWorld. MaloMyotismon was revived, after absorbing the power of the DigiWorld's Darkness; and the King of the World started to drench both the real world and the DigiWorld in darkness. Davis resisted with certain death but the difference in power is too great. He and Tai tried to find help since the DigiPort wouldn't open anymore but no avail. Will this world fall to MaloMyotismon?! All was given up when the Seed of Darkness glowed in the chest of the kids, but Davis refuses to surrender his word and dream, as passionate as Kindness sounds!! As determined hearts of DigiDestineds across the globe echoed as one spontaneously, the DigiWorld released its greatest Miracle, the defeated of MaloMyotismon.


Season 3: Tamers (105-155)(1-51)

Episode 105: Guilmon Comes Alive
Takato is a boy that loves Digimon, but can he handle becoming a digimon tamer when a mysterious digimon appears?

Episode 106: Digimon, Digimon Everywhere!
Takato finds out he isn't the only digimon tamer, but when Renamon attacks Guilmon trouble begins. Can Takato learn what it truly means to be a tamer?

Episode 107: To Fight or Not to Fight

Henry decides to try and get the trainers to realize their is more to their digimon than just fighting, but what will he do when Terriermon digivolves?

Episode 108: It Came From the Other Side

Can Henry overcome his fear of fighting in time to defeat Gorillamon, or is the real world in trouble?


Episode 109: Dream a Little Dream

The mysterious digimon Calumon is finally found by the tamers, but can they keep Calumon out of mischief long enough to find her a tamer?


Episode 110: O Partner, Where Art Thou?

Takato does not agree with Rika about how Digimon are treated like tools to help out at the dangerous points. Takato attempts to talk to Rika, but Rika is not about to listen. Rika's teacher calls her mother for a parent-teacher meeting. Her mother leaves work and is very disappointed in her daughter. The next day at school, a digital fog appears. Rika rushes to it. However, arriving at the scene with the enemy digimon, Rika finds she's over her head and requires the help of the other Tamers. Henry and Takato see the fog and come running to her aid. Rika becomes frustrated in battle and wishes Renamon to evolve. Even when told repetitively, Renamon does not evolve. If Renamon did, Rika could have won without others help. This irritates Rika even more. Now Rika and Renamon wander around the town at night waiting for a new enemy to face so that Renamon will be able to evolve. They find a strange digimon that claims to have no partner. The mystery behind the partner's existence is blocked. What is the mystery behind the Tamers? Who is this dark digimon? And what will Rika do without Renamon at her side?


Episode 111: Now You See It, Now You Don't

While taking a stroll with Guilmon, Takato notices that he starts to get erased. He gets worried and goes get help from Henry but his "advice" just mskes him feel even worse. Then he vists Rika but, her advice isn't anything great either. Takato decides to sleep on it and heads for home with Guilmon but then Guilmon disapears compleatly. Takato cries (I did too) and he wonders if Guilmon is gone forever. He doesn't give up and with the help of Rika and Henry, he goes out to find Guilmon. The search in a tunnel and find a Digital Fog and there they find Guilmon. Takato frees him but then Yamaki has the Digital Fog deleted but luckily they escape before it's too late. This was a close one for Takatomon and Guilmon.


Episode 112: A Question of Trust

A kid prankster is loose. Or so everyone thinks. It is just Impmon being his jerkly self. But Takato thinks it is Guilmon and he throws a fit. A Digital Field comes and out of it comes Devidramon. Guilmon tries to fight the huge dude but is overpowered. Terriermon clears a couple of things up to Takato and tells him that it isn't Guilmon scaring people. Takato fells like a true heel and then his D-Power glows and Grolmon is born! Growlmon destroys Devidramon faster than you can say "dragon slash." But then Growlmon lets out a huge growl that says that things aren't OK between Takato and the growlmiester. Will Growlmon have Takato for lunch?


Episode 113: Not as Seen on TV

Last time, Growlmon beats Devidramon and it looks like he was just an apitizer and Takato is scared. But, no one is more scared then Growlmon himself. It looks like he isn't angry at Takato. He wants to change back to guilmon so he doesn't scare Takato. Easier said than done. Takato and Growlmon try everything from exercising to cold showers for Growlmon to dedigivolve but nothing seems to work. Takato, Henry, and Terriermon try to paint Growlmon so he can hide until Takato gets home from school. but then it starts to rain and all the water makes the paint run. When it seems that all hope is lost, a rainbow comes out and Growlmon dedigivolves back to Guilmon.


Episode 114: The Icemon Cometh

Rika wonders how Guilmon and Terriermon have digivolved since their tamer's aren't good in her opinion. She feels a cold, evil feeling pulling her somewhere so she decides to go home. But even in her own house she fells it and she orders Renamon to see if anyone is stalking her. Renamon says that she would protecy Rika and Rika said that she didn't need anyone to protect her and she stormed off in anger. The cold "ghostly" thing pulls her into a ice dome. The cold ghost thingy turns out to be IceDevimon. He says that he wants to be Rika's tamer and he shows her a shrine of Digimon he has defeated and frozen. Rika is a little uneasy. IceDevimon says that she needs a Digimon that understands her and he claims to understand Rika. He goes on to say that Renamon is unfit to be her Digimon and Rika gets mad and says that IceDevi will never compare to Renamon. Henry, Takato and their Digimon get there and they get into a battle. Takato uses the "Hyper Wing" card on Guilmon and it seems to be working. Rika wants to help the boys but she fells a little unconfortable calling Renamon. Renamon gets there anyway but is wounded. Rika DOESN'T want Renamon to digivolve because she thinks she will turn out to be like IcyDevimon. Renamon digivolves anyway and puts up a good fight but it's Guilmon that defeats IceDevimon and absorbs his data. In the end of the episode, Rika says that she hates digimon, all of them. She leaves the building but Kyuubimon does not go with her. Does that mean that Rika and Renamon aren't friends much less partners anymore?


Episode 115: Much Ado About Musyamon

Henry and Terriermon fight because Terriermon wants to fight but Henry doesn't want him to fight. Meanwhile, a Digimon that Yamaki distroyed with the Yuggoth, reconfigurts it self and comes to the real world. That Digimon is Musyamon. Before you know it, Takato and Guilmon are in a fight. Takato used the card combo that he used the last time to beat IceDevimon but it didn't work this time. Musyamon almost kills a little girl but Henry and Terriermon finaly get into the fight and beat Musyamon. Henry now realized that there is no escaping a fight sometimes.


Episode 116: Divided They Stand

Renamon and Rika are still mad at each other and still divided. Renamon actually asks Impmon what he thinks and he says that Digimon do not need humans. She starts to belive it when she wins a battle all on her own. Rika sees Renamon win all by herself and dhe thinks that Renamon doesn't need her any more and that she was just using her. Meanwhile, Takato and Henry have a run in with Yamaki. He tells them the game they are playing is dangerous. Harpymon bio-emerges and Renamon fights her. She wins at first but then Harpymon's "Wind Seeker" knocks the wind out of Renamon. Rika stand up for Renamon and fights Harpymon her self by scaching her with a big tree branch. Renamon and Rika get back tigether as a team and theyy defeat Harpymon by working together.


Episode 117: Juggernaut

Takato and Guilmon defeat a digimon called DarkLizarmon. After beating him Yamaki suddenly appears and tells some of his men to capture the data. After doing so he says that it won't be soon until he catches Guilmon's too. Takato then starts to worry that if Guilmon digivolves again he'll become a monster. Meanwhile Rika has a conversation with Renamon. It seems that Rika has finally understood that digimon are more than just packets of data. When Takato goes to the park he sees Kazu and Kenta. They decide to stop playing the card game forever and they think that Guilmon isn't real. He soon gets depressed and Guilmon asks what wrong. He tells Guilmon he's afraid of him digivolving and Guilmon assures him that no matter what form he digivolves to he's still Guilmon. Later Yamaki creates a program called the "Juggernaut". The juggernaut is the ultimate program for destroying all digimon. He sends out the program and all the digimon start flying in it like dust in a vaccum. What will the Tamers do to stop this?


Episode 118: Grow Mon Grow

The juggernaut program continues to suck up digimon and destroy their data. A problem goes wrong with the system and instead of sucking up digimon the juggernaut program does the opposite and opens a portal between the real world and the digital world unleashing the 12 Devas. The first deva Mahiramon shows up and the Tamers try to take him on one by one. First up to bat is Renamon. She digivolves and is unable to defeat him. Then Terriermon tries and is also unsuccessful. Guilmon tries at last and wears him down as Growlmon but still Mahiramon has the advantage. Takato suddenly gets in a trance and realizes he has to let Growlmon fight again. He gets back up and gets a blue card. He uses that to digivolve Growlmon into his ultimate form: WarGrowlmon. WarGrowlmon destroys Mahiramon and Kazu and Kenta finally believe that Guilmon is a real digimon.


Episode 119: Snakes, Trains, and Digimon

Takato makes a Tamers flag symbolizing their team. Guilmon breaks it and Rika is happy. The next day Takato becomes eccstatic and wants to patrol the city in case the next deva shows up. Rika has to go to a play, and Henry has karate lessons so just when Takato feels sad Kenta, Kazu, and Jeri show up with a bunch of kids to play with Guilmon. Rika and her Grandmother attend the play and when they do Rika starts to think about her stormy relationship with Renamon and how she's starting to change her cruel ways to become a better partner for Renamon. Meanwhile at Henry's karate lessons he can't concentrate. His Sensai ask what wrong and after Henry explains he tells a legend about the devas. At the train station Rika and her Grandmother are about to go home when the second deva show up called Sinduramon. Henry appears and they start to evacuate the people so they can fight. Rika gives Henry her Grandmother's cell phone to call Takato but he's at the park. Later Impmon tells Takato and with Guilmon's help they all digivolve to champion and defeat the snake beast.


Episode 120: Back to Nature, Back to Battle

Henry and Takato go on a camping trip with their class and they decide to bring along Guilmon, Terriermon, and Calumon. They think that they're digimon has been fighting to much and that this camping trip can be a vacation for them. Everyone has a great time even Impmon is enjoying the camping trip with the Tamers until the next deva shows up and ruins everything. This deva Sanduramon sucks the electricity out of the city and with the power plant as his next target Takato and Henry figure that's where he'll go next. Growlmon and Gargomon easily defeat him because with all that electricity in him all they had to do was throw him in the ocean because water and electricity don't mix.


Episode 121: Duel With the Deva

A strange person gives a boy a strange digimon card. That boy trades it with Kenta who gives it to Henry. That card soon turns into a blue card. Henry gives it to his dad to analyze it and Shubumi's code is in it. Soon Henry tries to track down this guy and the boy tells him the whole story. Later Impmon shows up and battle's Terriermon and Henry's dad sees Terriermon! The next 2 devas show up called Pajiramon and Vajramon and they become unstoppable. All hope is lost until Henry uses the blue card and Matrix Digivolves Gargomon to his ultimate form: Rapidmon. Rapidmon destroys both of the devas, but Vajramon comes back to life and Renamon goes with him!!


Episode 122: Digital Beauty

Rika spends the whole day worrying about Renamon. The other Tamers try to find her to but no luck. Suddenly Hypnos has tracked down Vajramon and Renamon and so does Henry. He calls Rika and all 3 of them go for her. Meanwhile Renamon asks questions about the devas. She gets alot of answers and finds out that the devas are ruled under The Digimon Soveriegn. Rika and the others soon come and find Renamon. Later on Vajramon tries to convince Renamon to join him, but when Rika discovers she has a blue card she uses it to Matrix Digivolve Kyuubimon to her ultimate form: Taomon. Taomon destroys Vajramon and saves the day!


Episode 123: Impmon's Last Stand

Impmon says he hates humans to cover up his own insicurities. While the Tamers are battleing the next Deva, Indramon, Impmon decides to battle this Deva all by his self. Will he survive?


Episode 124: Out of the Blue

Kyubimon saves Impmon the second before he is distroyed. The Tamers try and try but Indramon is too stong. Then Indramon disapears. Yamaki hires Henry's dad to work for him to help get rid of Digimon. Yamaki gathers the rest of the "Wild Bunch" or the people that created Digimon. All of the Wild Bunch exept Shibumi is there. Meanwhile, Indramon comes back and the Tamers are in trouble again. Takato uses the blue card that Kazu drew for him and Growlmon digivolves and beats him.


Episode 125: Jeri's Quest

Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta all spy on the Tamers while their at their base. They all imagine what it'll be like to be Tamers but Jeri doubts that it'll happen to her. Later on they stop the spying and try to get a closer look but they've already gone. Kazu and Kenta try to follow while Jeri stays at the park. She finds Calumon and plays with him. Jeri starts to think that Calumon is her partner until a deva shows up named Kumbhiramon. They soon think they are goners until a rainbow appears and Leomon appears out of it. He scares off the deva and then Jeri starts to think that he is her partner. She chases him around the park until he gives it but the deva returns. Takato and the others show up and Jeri tries to help. She uses Takato's D-Power and tries to tame Leomon but it didn't work. Leomon destroys Kumbhiramon and says farewell to Jeri and she becomes depressed and doesen't think that she'll ever be special enough to be a Tamer.


Episode 126: The Boar Wars

Henry gets a poster of the Chinese Zodiac. He bumps into Rika and they decide to go to the park to meet up with Takato and the rest of the gang. Meanwhile at the park Jeri is still sad over Leomon and demands that Takato, Kenta, and Kazu teach her how to play the card game. Rika soon comes and teaches her while Henry explains that all the animals on the Chinese Zodiac are really the Devas. Makura show up and stares at Calumon and Jeri. They all chase him and the next Deva shows up which is a really big pig. Renamon, Guilmon, and Terriermon all digivolve but are still unable to defeat Vikaralymon with their combined attacks. They all get blue cards and use it to digivolve them all to ultimate but Yamaki has once again set off the juggernaut program and has decided to get rid of this Deva his way!


Episode 127: A World Apart

Vikaralymon continues to ramage through the city and Taomon, Rapidmon, and WarGrowlmon still try to stop him. Back in the park Calumon senses that something evil is coming. Jeri, Kenta, and Kazu don't think so but when Makura reveals himself as the Deva Makuramon they seem to be in alot of trouble. He says that Calumon is a special being and he doesen't belong with them. Meanwhile the Tamer's digimon are still having a hard time beating Vikaralymon but WarGrowlmon finally destroys him. Later Makuramon throws a ball at the juggernaut program reopening the portal to the digital world then he takes Calumon. Leomon suddenly appears but gets hurt by Makuramon and Jeri finally gets her D-Power. She uses it to heal Leomon. Takato after that explains that in order to get Calumon back they have to go to the digital world!


Episode 128: The Journey Begins

Renamon and the others search for the portal but have no luck. Meanwhile everyone tries to figure out a way to tell their parents that their going to the digital world. Rika's Grandmother is the first to find out. She sees Renamon and all is revealed. Takato is next. He has a hard time explaining it to his parents. Then Henry shows his sister that Terriermon is real. Finally Leomon talks to Jeri's dad. The next day Guilmon finds the portal at the bottom of his home (the Tamer's base). They all are ready to leave until Yamaki shows up with great news. He's apparently on their side now that Hypnos is gone since Makuramon destroyed it. He's given them a com device to keep in touch then the Tamer's set on their journey to go to the digital world and save Calumon.


Episode 129: Brave New Digital World

The Tamers and their digimon appear in the middle of the Digital and Real World. They are all discussing how to get to it until they all fall down into the Digital World. When they all wake up they all take pictures and realizes that they are pioneers to the Digital World. Takato lands his Tamer's flag down and they all search for a place to settle down and eat since they lost their food and materials in the fall. Rika spots a place that looks like antennae and when they go to it they realize that its just rocks. Then they meet a friendly Meramon who gets killed by a bunch of Jagamon. They tell the Tamer's that they saw Calumon and Makuramon heading west and the Tamer's head that way but a data stream comes and engulfs Rika, Kazu, and Kenta seperating the group!


Episode 130: Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure

Kazu, Kenta, Rika, and Renamon find themselves in a windy valley. They are almost crushed by furniture and tire but make it into the home of Jijimon and Babamon, two married Digimon. They begin fighting and Rika finds out that they fight each other out of boredom. The kind couple let the Tamers stay with them for the night. The next day, Rika and Renamon leave when the wind dies down, but Kazu and Kenta stay behind. They ask Jijimon and Babamon to be their partners. They get a little mixed up and soon Kazu and Kenta are playing Digimon with Jijimon and Babamon playing the role of Tamers. Rika came back and took it none too kindly. Using a giant yellow sheet, they created a giant kite and rode it out of the valley, leaving the Digimon couple back to fighting.


Episode 131: Motorcycle Madness

Rika's group are still flying high meanwhile Takato and his groop are searching for them. Takato says that if they were to go into the data stream would they find them? And Leomon says they won't and that they could be transported to just about anywhere in the Digital World. A motorbike shows up and tries to attack the Chuchidarumon's village but Leomon saves them. Then the leader of the Chuchidarumon village explains everything to Leomon and the others about the motorbike. The bike tries to make another attack on the village but Guilmon gets on the bike an releases the original rider: MetalKoromon. MetalKoromon tells them that once you get on that bike you become posessed and Jeri says it reminds her of the story of "The Red Shoes". Guilmon becomes posessed and tries to destroy Takato and the village but Leomon stops him. Meanwhile Impmon makes a deal with a deva called Chatsuramon to digivolve. He falls into a lava pit and digivolves to mega. The motorbike also falls in the lava pit and out it comes Beelzebumon who has complete control of the bike. Now that Impmon has digivolved will he use his powers for good or evil? And will Takato's group find Rika and the others?


Episode 132: Blame It on Ryo

While travling, Rika, Kenta and Kazu meet up with Haguramon and Clockmon, in a strange clock dimention. There is a clock that is stuck and when they fix it, they get attacked by Gigadramon. Kyubimon attacks him but loses and when all seems hopeless Cyberdramon come out of nowhere and attacks Gigadramon distroing him. Cyberdramon's Tamer appears and he is Ryo, a legendary Digimon Card Game player. Rika remembers him from a tournament but Ryo doesn't remember her. Rika and ryo argue and Rika storms off all by her self.


Episode 133: Goliath

While Calumon tries to hide from Makuramon Ryo, Kenta, and Kazu meet up with Takato and the rest of the gang. Calumon loses Makuramon and he starts to run around and have fun and Calumon unwillingly make a bunch of Woodmon digivolve to Cherrymon. Makuramon along with the dragon Deva Majiramon see that and they go after their clue. While looking for Calumon, Makuramon and Majiramon meet up with the Tamers. A intense battle rages and when Majiramon uses his special attack, things seem hopeless. Ryo decides to step in and uses the ultrapowerful Goliath card witch causes Cyberdramon to grow in size and in power. Cyberdramon rips though Majiramon like he was a wet piece of paper. After the battle, Cyberdramon is still thirsty for battle, so Ryo and Cyberdramon leave to find Cyberdramon's ultimate opponent.


Episode 134: The Imperfect Storm

While looking for the digimon and their tamers, Beelzemon came across a swarm of Kurisarimon. After destroying them with his "Double shot" attack, they all DNA digivolved to Infermon. But even Infermon wasn't enough to withstand Beelzemon's Dark Claw attack. He was responsible for Impmon's digivolution, Caturamon, appeared and told Beelzemon to get busy. Rika, at the time was in a forest with Renamon. The flying fish where identified as "digi nomes". They led Rika to a lake where the water began to rush. She was pulled in and saved by non other than Calumon! They met Takato and the gang back at the flag. They where all together again. Then Beelzemon showed up to crash the reunion. Meanwhile back in the real world HYPNOS started up Juggernaut again. It caused a storm in the digital world. To fight off Beelzemon, Kyubimon digivolved into Taomon. She made a force field around everone. The storm picked up and Beelzemon took off. After they all realized who Beelzemon was, Caturamon appeared. He sent an attack and everyone was separated. Takato, Henry, and Terriermon were lost in a data stream, while Rika, Kazu, Kento, Renamon, Leomon and Jeri were thrust into another. Calumon was captured, again. Short reunion, huh?


Episode 135: Kazu's Upgrade

While Being seperated from the others, Rika and the gang landed in a swamp zone. There they found an injured Andromon, lying near a lake. It turns out that a multi-headed snake creature, Orochimon, had been making trouble. They found a Gekomon village nearby. They needed help for Andromon. The Gekomon where making milkshakes. They said that Orochimon had demanded milkshakes, and if he didn't get them everyday, he would attack them. They milkshakes had old data in them that held wounds and make digimon stronger. After using a little bit on Andromon, he de-digivolved into Guardromon. The tamers got a plan. They hid in the contaners of milk shakes. Then Orochimon opened them. They jumped out and attacked Orochimon. Unfortunatly, the shakes had made him stronger. And most of his snake heads were fake. After getting attacked, Guardromon suggested that they change their strategy. Jeri used a "LadyDevimon" Card which made Leomon fire a "BlackWave" attack on Orochimon, destroying him. Then, Kazu saw something floating. He grabbed it, it was a light red Digivice, meaning he was now a Digimon Tamer! Guardromon became Kazu's partner. Kenta is now the only one without a partner, and is a little worried he'll get stuck with Boringdramon. Meanwhile, Henry, Takato, and Terriermon are still falling through a dark pit. They landed in a body of water of some sort. Will they ever stay together?


Episode 136: Shibumi Speaks

Takato, Henry, and Terriermon have been cought underwater. They tried swiming out, and even diging out, but nothing worked, they only found water, water, and more water. When they came across a small group of rookie level Otamamon, they thought they wouldn't hurt them. Well, they where half right. Ultimate Level Divermon atttacked, but lost. After the fight, he explained that he thought they where hurting the Otamamon. They asked for a way out, he led them to a giant tube. Digimon have gone in, but none have come out. They tried the tube, they found out they could breath underwater. They found themselves at a library. In there, they saw Makumon. They went to a back room to find Shibumi. He explains that the upper plain above the rest of the digital world is where the ancient gaurdians live. But, the Saubren also lurks there. He explains that their digivices are actually called "Arks" and they are used for storing data. They notice a giant ark floating above them. They get inside and not knowing where they're headed, Takato, Henry, and Terriermon take off.


Episode 137: Rabbit Transit

While the others are in the digital world, Suzzie is at home pretending to be Terriermon. She and her Dad go to the park. While Mr. Wong talked with Yamaki, Suzzie went off to play. She went into a digital field and was transported to the digital world. Suzzie found herself on the Upper Plain. She plays around then decides she wants to go home, but it isn't that simple. Shee started to cry, Terriermon herd he cry, then Henry, Takato, and Terriermon went towards the crying. Suzzie stopped crying when she found Antlymon. She played with her, they ran, jumped and played. Antlymon was sappose to be Gaurding the South Gate. When the monkey deva showed up, he tried to kidnap Suzzie, a battle started between the Deva, and Antlymon. That's when Takato, Herny, and terriermon showed up. The Monkey ran off. but when Takato and Henry discover that Antlymon is a deva they try to get Suzzie away from her. Suzzie found a Pink Ark and became a tamer. Then, Antlymon turned back to her rookie form, Lopmon. Suzzie was happy, but how could a little kid like Suzzie train a Deva?


Episode 138: Lionheart

Takato, Henry, Susie, Lopmon and Teriermon were wondering what to do next. As they were wondering, Rika, Jeri, Kazu, Kenta, Growlmom, Guardromon, Kyubimon, and Leomon were tring to find Takato and the rest of the gang. They couldn't find them anywhere.

Meanwhile, Teriermon and Takato were about to explore the south gate area but then Beelezamon attacked. Terriermon Matrix Digivolved to Rapidmon but Beelezamon was too strong. Then, Takato cried ot to growlmon and Growlmon heard. He thought that if everyone whet through the data steam that it would take them to takato. He was right. In a minute less, Growlmon and his part of the Tamers met up with with takato and his group. Everyone tried to fight Beelezamon but he was too strong. Leomon tried to reason with him but Beelezamon didn't want to listen and he distroyed Leomon and absorbed his data. WarGrowlmon, Taomon, and Rapidmon kept fighting but they couldn't win. Takato got so mad at Beelezamon for distroying Leomon and he ordered WarGrowlmon to digivolve to mega. He didn't want Beelzamon to just be distroyed, he wanted him to suffer. WarGrowlmon digivolved into Megidramon, a scary looking dragon mega, and he looks lik he wants to rip Beelezamon apart limb from limb. Takato's D-Power even breaks and delets. Was this suposto hapen?


Episode 139: Give a Little Bit

When Megidramon lay on the ground, crippled. His eyes where closed. The power of Megidramon had upset the whole digital world. Not to mention, all of the monitors went haywire. Beelzemon, feeling proud of himself, then attacked with his "Double inpact"attack. Takato ran over to Megidramon regaurdless to the attack aproaching. He remembered all the times he and Guillmon went through. Then he opened his eyes and saw Megidramon. They where so different. He had gone to a dinosaur that liked peanut butter to a heartless dragon made of rage and hate. He opened his eyes again. and saw Guillmon. He then said he wanted to fight with Guillmon, to defeat Beelzemon! Then Takato in a burst of light "Bio Emerged" with guilmon and they became one, GALLANTMON. As the show began to come to an end they faced off, charging at each other, ready to attack........


Episode 140: The Battle Within

Gallantmon and Beelzemon start their battle. As they fight the whole Digital World starts to shake. Zhuquiomon cares less and orders his last deva Catsuramon to destroy Lopmon, the traitor. He almost suceeds in killing both Susie and Lopmon until Terriermon saves them. Gallantmon destroys Catsuramon and Beelzemon absorbs his data and becomes stronger. In a blaze of glory Gallantmon uses his "Shield Of The Just" attack and knocks him out. He tries to finish him off but Jeri says it's not worth it and Gallantmon spares him. After the battle the golden D-Power appears in front of Takato and Guimon.


Episode 141: No Mon is an Island

Henry, Rika, Takato and their Digimon go to confront the Savarin Zhuqiuomon(Phoenix) who sent the Deva's to attack earth. Henry is acting more determined to end this, because of Suzi now being here. Lopmon leads them to her former master who says he will destroy them. Henry begins the attack by Matrix digivolving Terriermon into Rapidmon, the others do the same and begin the fight against Zhuqiuomon. But Rapidmon is still injuryed from stopping Chatsuramon from destroying Suzi & Lopmon. During the battle Lopmon calls out to Suzi and some how suzi's digivice lifts her into the air and she fly's to help Lopmon. When Rapidmon turn back into Terriermon, Henry realizes his mistake and starts to apologize. Suzi arrives and knowning that she will be in danger Terriermon is ready to comtinue the fight with Henry. Then they Biomerge into MegaGargomon and they defeat Zhuqiuomon. But, soon after Zhuqiuomon rises up again and gets ready to comtinue his attack. Can the Tamers survive?


Episode 142: Azulongmon Explains it All

The battle with Zhuqiuomon continues. Renamon Matrix Digivolves into Taomon and tries to protect everyone. Realizing she can't hold out Guilmon & Terriermon jump out of her protecting spell and attack Zhuqiuomon even knowning they can't win as rookies.
Zhuqiumon fires a blast to destroy them and is stopped by the Savarin Azulongmon. Azulongmon tells Zhuqiuomon to stop and tries to explain to him that the Tamers may be the only one's who can stop the true enemy. Zhuqiuomon doesn't listen and tries to destroy Guilmon again. Takato determined to save his friend jumps to join him and they biomerge again into Gallantmon. A battle begins but once again Azulongmon stops it and finally ends it. Both Savarins begin to explain who this true enemy is, But only when Shibumi arrives do they find out that the true enemy is "D-Reaper" a program designed to destory A.I. programs.
Well this is going on Calumon continues his escape and then he see's some red things that he thinks look pretty but also dangerous. Can the Tamers save Calumon and stop D-Reaper?


Episode 143: Song of Sokuyamon

The chaos program lies within the pit of the Digital World and the Tamers go to it. Azulongmon and Zhuquiomon led the Tamers to it and Ryo also reunited with the group. Everyone rejoices until hardheaded Rika heads down to the pit to stop this mess. Ryo follows her and tries to save her. Meanwhile Calumon climbs up the pit and Rika finds him again. A patch of chaos comes and Ryo saves Rika from it. The others climb down on Azulongmon's beard to save them. All the chaos data comes together and Renamon tries to fight it alone but Rika comes along and they biomerge into Sakuyamon, the mega form of Renamon. Sakuyamon's strength and beauty destroys the chaos and saves everyone from the pit. After the battle the Tamers decide that now that everything is done they should go home until the chaos comes back with a vengence!


Episode 144: Janyu's Ark

Henry's dad and the rest of his helpers send a Arc for the Tamers to go back to the real world. Beelzemon is sad for all the pain that he caused that he reverted back to a rookie level. Renamon and Rika found him and asked him to join them on their way home. Also, Calumon released the "digivolution light" to help the Soverign Digimon and Kenta meet up with MarineAngemon. I wonder if we'll see more of MA...


Episode 145: Homeward Bound

When the Ark is ready to leave, Rika isn't back yet so Ryo went to fing her. The Ark starts it's way for the real world but Takato is on yet. All of the Digimon and Tamers try to get him in but it's no use. He and Calumon fall into the Digi World. Guilmon begs the Ark to stop and amasingly it's stops. In the real world, one of the Wild Bunch scientists says that Ark had a mind of it's own. Then he e-mailed people alover the world to help then get the ark back. Meanwhile, Takato gets in the ark and then Rika and Ryo gets there too. Cyberdramon de-digivolves into Monodramon to fit in the ark. Even more surprises! MarineAngemon was in Kenta's pocket along with a Digivice. WoW! Now everything seems to be going the Tamers way. Exept for Jeri.When Takato is takeing her to her parents, he reveals his true fellings but she just ignores him. I wonder if she's ok?


Episode 146: Reunion

Every Tamer returned to their parents. Rika and her mom are staying at a hotel for a while. There Rika and Renamon see the reports on the news about the D-Reaper. At Hypnos Yamaki and Janyu along with the monster makers are trying to find a way to beat the D-Reaper but nothing works. Henry and his family are staying at Henry's sensai's house. They also see the reports and Henry wants to go but his mother is worried about him. She eventually lets him go. Also Rika's mom has turned over a new leaf and decides to let Rika make her own wise descisons so Rika gets to go to. Meanwhile Takato tries to find a way to defeat it on his own but Rika and Henry still stop him. They join together to put this menace to an end!


Episode 147: Beelzemon's Big Day

The Tamers were head-on about to face the enemy until it scared them off. They hid in the school until it was safe in the morning. After they woke up Henry and Rika decided to have breakfast at Takato's house. They all made bread and had a good time. Meanwhile Impmon was looking for Ai and Mako. He asked people for directions but they were scared by his appearance. Suddenly Henry's Sensai came and helped him. When he arrived at the house all 3 of them apologizied for their acts in the past. Impmon apologizied for runing away, and Ai and Mako decided not fight each other anymore to cause him to run away. Yamaki and his forces stopped by at Takato's house asking the 3 Tamer's info on the D-Reaper. Also Shibumi returned to the monster makers with info on the D-Reaper. All out of ideas Takato, Rika, and Henry decided to fight the main little bird atop of the D-Reaper. They all Matrix Digivolved to fight but it was useless. The D-Reaper's bird copied their attacks. Impmon saw this on tv and decided to help. Before he left Ai gave him a kiss and Mako gave him his toy gun for luck. Because of this he digivolved into Beelzemon Blast Mode! He came into the battle and used his Corona Blaster to save the day. In the end they only delayed his progress and after congradulating themselves Takato saw an evil figure near the trees. Was it Jeri?


Episode 148: The Messenger

T.V reports ran all over the news about the D-Reaper and it's agents of destruction. Many people over the news believe that Hypnos is responsible for the chaos but the company defends itself. At the school Rika and Henry wake up and find Takato at the window sill. He says that he couldn't sleep because he was worried about Jeri. They all later on then decide to go to Takato's bakery until they read a letter from all of their parents telling them to come to Rika's house for some food and refreshments. Meanwhile Impmon annoys Calumon and they talk about Jeri. During the conversation Impmon develops a conscience. At Rika's house they all get a distress call on their D-Powers and their parents decide to let them go. In the battlefield they attack the agents of the D-Reaper but it's not chasing them but a girl named Alice and Dobermon instead. Alice says that she a Dobermon were sent on a quest to find the Tamers from the Digimon Soveriegn. In order for them to save the world they needed to be able to biomerge in the real world so Dobermon released his own data to allow the Tamers to biomerge in the real world!!


Episode 149: The D-Reaper's Disguise

Using Dobermon's data the Tamers biomerged with their digimon to their mega forms to stop the D-Reaper's agents. Sakuyamon, MegaGargomon, and Gallantmon all did their best to save the city but Gallantmon got caught in the red mass and Takato and Guilmon couldn't hold on to their mega form. They de-digivolved and landed safely near the grass and trees. Both of them wondered why the D-Reaper didn't consume that area and Jeri came out of nowhere and said that it couldn't be anaylzed. Guilmon looked suspicously at Jeri but Takato felt worried about her. Suddenly she sprouted wings and glowed the same color as the D-Reaper. She said that she wasen't Jeri but a clone of her. The D-Reaper took Jeri because she was similar to it. Her thoughts were based on destruction, sadness, and dispair making her a perfect target. Takato said that he'll try everything to get the real Jeri back but the clone Jeri said that it was futile and sooner or later all humans and digimon will be deleted. Meanwhile outside the red mass Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon try to break in and save Takato and Guilmon. They are soon joined by Kazu and Guardromon and a mysterious new digimon...


Episode 150: When is a Mon Justimon?

The new mysterious digimon turned out to be Justimon. The mega form of Cyberdramon. It seems that Ryo and Cyberdramon learned to biomerge just before the battle. He, Kazu and Guardromon decide to take care of the D-Reaper's agents while Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon save Takato and Guilmon. The reports of this battle flash all over the news. Susie and Lopmon see this and they decide to fight. Susie makes Lopmon digivolve again and she turns into Antylamon. Meanwhile Calumon senses Jeri's presence within the chaos and he and Impmon decide to find her. They soon get thwrated by the D-Reaper's agents but Impmon digivolves to Beelzemon and stops them. Calumon and Beelzemon spot the real Jeri in a red bubble in the middle on the Hypnos buildings and only Calumon is big enough to fit through th entrance. He looks at Jeri and she appears to be so sad. Below in the chaos clone Jeri taunts Takato. Guilmon tries to snap him out of it but it only works when clone Jeri reveals her true form, the leader of the D-Reaper's agents. She tries to destroy them but Kenta comes with MarineAngemon who does his Kahuna waves attack which makes her flee. Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon come and everyone is reunited. They join Justimon and Guardromon soon to help fight an agent. All hope seems lost until Antylamon shows up and they beat it. Later they all go to Rika's house and Susie tells Henry that Calumon and Beelzemon are missing along with Jeri. Ryo gives Susie a modify card and Alice melencoly over Dobermon leaves.


Episode 151: His Kingdom for a Horse

Jeri still appeared sad within the core of The D-Reaper. She was having a nightmare and Calumon was trying to snap her out of it but it was no use. Her nightmare was about the death of both Leomon and her mother. She tried to escape it but throughout the dream all everyone kept telling her is that it's fate and destiny. The D-Reaper fed off of her sadness and grew bigger and started to release even more powerful agents then before. Meanwhile within Hypnos headquarters the Tamers devise some sort of plan against the D-Reaper. All the parents, including Jeri's were there and Jeri's dad couldn't take anymore. Saddened with grief over his daughter he ran out and tried to fight the D-Reaper itself, but his efforts were futile. The others biomerged to mega but it still wasen't enough to defeat these stronger agents. Suddenly Daisy, Riley, and Yamaki found the Ark, revived it, and turned it into a digi-vehicle named Grani. Grani came to the real world and went to Gallantmon who now had a mighty digital steed. Both Grani and Gallantmon were able to defeat the new agent but Jeri still remains at the core...


Episode 152: Shadow of the Beast King

Beelzemon was now becoming free and he tried desperately to make up for his actions in the past. Many agents suddenly showed up and it all seemed a waste because even with the defeated ones more kept showing up. Henry decided that Gallantmon should try to find Jeri while they keep the agents busy. Back at Hypnos Daisy and Shibumi found out alot more info on the D-Reaper's destructive path. With satellite pics they discovered that The D-Reaper has wiped out 47% of the Digital World and is split into diffrent entities around the Real World. Meanwhile Susie and Lopmon are scared but they decide to fight so Lopmon digivolves to Antylamon to help them. Also Susie uses the modify card Ryo gave her to make Antylamon stronger. She helps out MarineAngemon and Guardromon as they take on the chaos. Gallantmon spots Beelzemon amd they both do their attacks to free Jeri from the core and it dosen't work. Yamaki discovers how to operate the camara within the D-Reaper and he uses it and discovers that the Tamers are within the Mega forms of their digimon. This shocks their parents. Also Ms. Asagi and Takato's classmates see the camara vision and they cheer him on. Yamaki tells Takato that Grani is equiped with an attack called "Yuggoth Blaster". Grani uses it and it breaks the shield around the D-Reaper's core. Suddenly Jeri wakes up from her nightmare and ask for someone to help her. Beelzemon tries to break through but can't so he uses Leomon's "Fist Of The Beast King" attack (he can use this attack because he absorbed Leomon's data). Jeri sees this and suddenly sees Leomon's soul within him for a second then she realizes that it's just Beelzemon. Beelzemon cracks through it and tries to save Jeri, but Jeri dosen't want to be saved by him because he killed Leomon. The core then regenerates and Beelzemon gets seriously hurt and his data starts to malfunction!


Episode 153: D-Reaper's Feast

Beelzemon de-digivolves into Impmon and weakly hangs on Sakuyamon's shoulder. Meanwhile Gallantmon & MegaGargomon fight more agents. In the core Jeri and Calumon struggle to get out and suddenly Jeri's clone,the J-Reaper appears. She tells Jeri that her sadness is providing the D-Reaper all the energy it needs. Then the D-Reaper attacks Jeri with a bunch of cords making her terrified with shock and this feeling not only makes the J-Reaper evolve but it makes the final enemy Mother D-Reaper appear. Everyone then withdraws from the fight to come up with a new plan because of this drastic change. Hypnos and a new guy named Johnny create magnetic bombs. Mother D-Reaper takes them out but some still survive and analyze the data. Then Shubimi leaves and tells Henry that he'll be back with something of great use. Takato and Rika's families suddenly go away because of the D-Reaper's threat and Rika's family goes to a hotel and Takato's family goes to the beach where Takato meets his cousin Kai. Back in the core Jeri starts talking with her puppet and says that everything is all her fault but Calumon cheers her up until the red cords get them both again. Kai explains to Takato that he's so worried about Jeri because he loves her and Takato admits it. Back at Hypnos Shibumi returns with a red card that's even stronger than the blue ones. Henry takes it and then calls everyone through their D-Power's to gather to face one on one against Mother D-Reaper!


Episode 154: Jeri Fights Back

Takato and Guilmon biomerge to get to Henry much faster. Sakuyamon goes too. Calumon and Jeri are still trapped and Jeri tries to save a trapped Calumon who's tangled up in the D-Reaper's cables. When Rika and Takato are reunited with Henry he introduces the red card. It will allow them to stay in their mega forms long enough to defeat Mother D-Reaper. It also allows them to go into the D-Reaper's zone without being erased. Just when they're about to go Ryo shows up and helps out too. Thus with a digimodify card slash all the 4 tamers use the red card at once. When they enter the battlefield Mother D-Reaper already has agents set out for them to fight. Meanwhile at Hypnos they all devise a final plan to put the D-Reaper's menace to a stop. Also D-Reaper agents attack the city and Kazu and Kenta beat them but they wind up getting arrested by the police for unknown reasons. Ai and Mako find Impmon and are proud of his efforts to save Jeri and they wind up getting a purple D-Power thanks to a little digignome. Back in the core Jeri gets free and frees Calumon. She tries to wake him up but he's too weak. Then suddenly Jeri decides not to be sad anymore and stand up to the D-Reaper. She puts on a big speech and during it she finally understands what Leomon was trying to tell her about destiny. Mother D-Reaper cares less and she gets captured again but this time she's not giving up without a fight. The last agent of the D-Reaper appears and Rika, Henry, and Ryo decide to take it on while Takato saves Jeri. He tries but can't so Grani gives up his life and with that power Gallantmon turns into Gallantmon Crimson Mode!


Episode 155: Such Sweet Sorrow
After trying almost everthing on the d-reaper and still not beating it Henry recieves a message from his dad telling him about a program he put in Terriermon to defeat the d-reaper Meanwhile Gallantmon fights with a mysterious being who comes oout of D-Reaper saying that he "doesn't deserve to exsist". Gallantmon makes a comeback and defeats this being saying its she who "doesn't deserve to exsist". Meanwhile MegaGargomon spins around to reverse the polarity and the d-reaper. Just when all seems to be over the d-reaper gets sucked up and devolves into nothing. Takato rescues Jeri and all the digidestined get out safely due to a wel placed bubble. However it seems the digimon are devolving too and must return to the diital world. So the kids say their final goodbyes and watch as their parteners are raised into the digital plane. Takato feels guilty about a promise he made to Guilmon until he sees a digital feild and decides to keep that promise after all.

Season 4: Frontiers (156-205)(1-50)

Episode 156: All Aboard

Kids across the city get strange messages on their electronic devices. These messages ask them if they're ready for their future. What do these messages mean?


Episode 157: Lobomon: Warrior of Light
With one spirit down, the others prepare for their destiny's, but how does one spirit evolve? Does this mean all the kids will become legendary warriors? And how does spirit evolution work?

Episode 158: Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire


Episode 158: Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire

Tommy wants to learn to spirit evolve, but to get a spirit, he must get through a Candlemon village. Can Agunimon help save the day?

Episode 159: Kazemon Kicks It
Zoe, JP, Tommy, and Takuya reach a spliting point on the Trailmon tracks. When Takuya and Tommy go one way, it's up to JP and Zoe to save a bunch of Floramon. Can they do so when neither of them has a spirit?

Episode 160: Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon
The new digidestined must help a village of Digimon to get free from the Goblimon and Snimon, but can they do so when JP doesn't have a spirit?

Episode 161: A Molehill Out of a Mountain
The KarautsukiNumemon look for help for their village because legendary warriors have taken their womon and childmon hostage, but when they find out the gang is legendary warriors trouble is the result. What exactly is a Beast Spirit, and why is their now a slide evolution? The answers can be found.

Episode 162: Islands of Misfit Boys
Takuya's and Koji's differences cause a lot of arguements, but when Tommy gets captured, can they put aside their differences and save him?

Episode 163: The Odd One Out
JP and Mimi arrive at a digimon school where one digimon, Tsunomon, is constantly being ignored. Can the two of them convience the other kids that digivolution isn't a bad thing?

Episode 164: Welcome to My Nightmare
Tommy is tricked by a Bakumon causing his dreams to all be evil and make his friends appear evil. Can the digi-destined find a way to save him?

Episode 165: Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down!
The digi-destined figure out that you need a Beast Spirit to defeat a Beast Spirit, but can they find there Beast Spirits before Grumblemon steals all of their spirits?

Episode 166: A Hunka Hunka Burning Greymon
When Grumblemon isolates koji, the others must find a way to defeat his Beast Spirit. Can Shamanmon help them out when he's possessed?

Episode 167: Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles
Takuya gains control over his beast spirit, but can he maintain that control when he's forced into a one-on-one battle with Grumblemon?

Episode 168: Better an Egg Than an Eggshell
4 of the 5 Dark Warriors decide to attack the digi-destined on a quest to gain their spirits. Can a little help from Sorcermon and Seraphimon help them to free the digital world?

Episode 169: No Whamon
Grumblemon returns to regain his beast spirit and seperates Takuya and Koji from the rest of the group, but when JP gains his beast spirit can he master it enough to finish off Grumblemon for good?

Episode 170: Beastie Girl
When the gang decodes to go on a water vacation, the Toucanmon steal the boys D-tectors. Can Zoe save the day without her beast spirit?

Episode 171: The Swiss Family Digimon
A group of Gomamon want to gain access to their island, but it's surronded by whirlpools and Zephrymon guards the way. Can the digi-destined find a way to save the world when the boys still don't have their D-tectors?

Episode 172: Bizarre Bazaar
Tommy finds the boys D-Tectors at the county fair, but he doesn't have anything to trade to get them back. Can he find something to trade to get them back before the Dark Legendary Warriors show up?

Episode 173: Trailmon vs. Trailmon
The digi-destined stop their battles briefly to participate in the Trailmon races, but can they find a way to stop the normal cheating that occurs?

Episode 174: You Want Fries With That?
The kids need some food, so they head to the Burgermon village. What will happen when they run into the master of wood?

Episode 175: From Dawn to Duskmon
Arbormon wants revenge for his missing burgers, so he follows the kids into The Continent of Darkness, but what else has followed there?

Episode 176: Darkest Before Duskmon
When Duskmon proves to be too strong for the digi-destined, they have a new decision to make. What will it be?

Episode 177: Home Again, Takuya Returns
Takuya decides to head home on a Dark Trailmon, but when he gets stuck as a Digimon in the real world, what will he do?

Episode 178: Sockit Takuya
Takuya returns to the digital world as a stronger Agunimon, but can he save his friends in a classic 2-on-1 showdown?

Episode 179: Alone But Never Alone
When the kids get sucked inside Sakkakumon, they must defeat their opponents and their own self doubts to get free, but will they succeed?

Episode 180: The Dark Heart of Friendship
Tommy gets a group of digimon in his dimension who pretend to be his friend, but can he figure out the truth before they steal his D-Tector?

Episode 181: Zoe's Unbelievable Adventure

The fight between Ranamon and Zoe reaches its exciting finale, but who will come out the victor?

Episode 182: Stuck in Sakkakumon with You
Koji must battle Duskmon one on one, but will he be able to succeed when they couldn't defeat Duskmon as a team?

Episode 183: Darkness Before the Dawn
To get out of Sakkakumon, Takuya must find a way to defeat Mercurymon. Can he find a way to achieve Fusion Evolution and succeed, or are the digi-destined done for in this battle?

Episode 184: Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon
Sakkakumon reveals he is still alive, and now he has the digi-destined's attacks. Can they find a way to create new attacks and defeat Sakkakumon once and for all?

Episode 185: O, Brother, Who Art Thou?
Koji and Kouichi begin to figure out they're related some how, but what is that relation, and can it stop the two of them from destroying each other?

Episode 186: Workin' on the Train Gang
JP, Zoe, and Tommy decide to discover what horrors await them at the Rose Morning Star by searching a Trailmon graveyard, but what horrors await them inside the graveyard?

Episode 187: My Brother in Spirit
When Koji realizes he has a brother and has been fighting him, he refuses to fight anymore. Can Takuya make him see the truth?

Episode 188: Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet

Now that he's a regular human again, Kouichi decides to join the digi-destined, but can he find a way to help them out without any spirits of his own to use?

Episode 189: Operation: Free Ophanimon

The digidestined decide to free Ophanimon once and for all, but Cherubimon ends up being her guard. Can they find a way to free her from the final of the 3 guardian Digimon?

Episode 190: Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution

Takuya and Koji must hold off Cherubimon while the others free Ophanimon, but can they succeed when they lose their spirits?

Episode 191: Ice Ice Baby
Cherubimon appears to be defeated, but he appears to be easy compared to IceDevimon. Can the others find a way to defeat IceDevimon with Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors frozen solid?

Episode 192: Cherubimania
The final battle between EmperorGreymon/ MagnaGarurumon and Cherubimon begins, but who will end up being the victor, and who are these mysterious characters that are watching the battle?

Episode 193: It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears
The Royal Knights appears and reveal that Lucemon will return. Can the digi-destined find a way to prevent this chaos from occuring,or will they be delaying the inevitable?

Episode 194: The Man in the Moon Is You
After waking up on the moon, the digi-destined decide to try to get back to the digital world to get revenge on the Royal Knights, but will they succeed, or will they be stuck on the moon for the rest of their lives?

Episode 195: The Bully Pulpit
The digidestined run into the same group of kids that pusked Tommy onto the train causing him to come into the digital world, but can Tommy get past his resentment of them and save the day?

Episode 196: Jerks and the Beanstalk

Katshuhara and company have been captured by the Royal Knights. It's a good thing for them that Tommy is with them, but can they find a way to save Beanstalk Village, and can the other kids get Worm the Trailmon to want to help out?


Episode 197: Glean Eggs and Scram

When the Royal Knights target the Village og Beginnings for their next assault, it's up to the kids to convience the Trailmon to save the digi-eggs, but can they finally defeat the Royal Knights? Maybe they can with help from some old enemies.


Episode 198: Bad to the Bones

The kids rush to try and save the Flame Terminal from being deleted, but with the SkullSatamon already on hand, can they find a way to defeat them? Is there any way to unite all the Digimon to fight together?


Episode 199: Now You See It, Now You Don't

With only 3 areas left to protect in the digital world, the digi-destined must act fast to save the forest terminal. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon seem to be getting stronger, but will they finally be able to defeat the Royal Knights?


Episode 200: All Aboard the Tag Team Express

Only 2 areas of the digital world remain: The Autumn Leaf Fair and Ophanimon's castle, but can the kids find a way to save The Fair without losing any more digimon friends, or is the digital world truly done for?


Episode 201: To Make the World Go Away

The digi-destined arrive at Ophanimon's castle to try and save the last bit of data from being given to Lucemon. Can they finally defeat the Royal Knights, or will Lucemon be reborn?


Episode 202: When Knights Fall...

The final battle with the Royal Knights is about to occur, but who will win this surprising bout?


Episode 203: The Brothers Yin and Yang

Since Emperor Greymon and MagnaGarurumon proved to be too weak, the kids decide to try a multi attack, but will it be enough, or will they need additional power?


Episode 204: Lucemon on The Loose

Susannomon has been born, but will the combined powers of all 10 legendary spirits be enough to defeat Lucemon for good, or does Lucemon have one final surprise in store?


Episode 205: End of the Line

The final battle between Lucemon and Susanoomon will be decided not in the digital world, but in the real world. Who will end up prevailing in this free for all?

Season 5: Data Squad (206-253)(1-48)

Episode 206:

Season 6: Xros Wars (254-307)(1-54)

Episode 254:

Season 7: Xros Wars 2 (308-329)(1-22)

Episode 308:


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